The Oirish. Youve got to love em

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by putteesinmyhands, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. Still yearning for Home Rule?

    Found in a hotel in Dublin:

    When were Pounds replaced by Punts in Eire? And evidently not happy with the Euro?
  2. edited for mongism
  3. It's another bandwagon, I'm not falling for it... :D
  4. Well, when Eire joined the Common Market, it was said that they would gradually adopt the European principles.

    They've already changed the speed limits to km/h. Next is the change to driving on the right. Surnames beginning with A and B start in January...
  5. Fcuking banana republic. With no bananas. And no money, either.

    They'll do ANYTHING to be different to the UK. If driving upside down was a feasible option, they'd do it.

    Having said that, they're all going nuts up here spending their Monopoly money on Crimbo pressies in Newry and Derry. I even saw cars with Dublin plates in Newtownabbey today - that's more than a 200 mile round trip.

    Spend your money in the UK? Go on, go on go on....
  6. I don't live there but have travelled there at least annually for many years. To me they usually used Pound in English and Punt in Irish although Punt became a bit more common in English after they went from an L.s.d. system to a decimal system. Although you never hear Pound used for Euro in English I have heard Punt used in place of Euro in conversations in Irish.

    As to the road signs, my understanding is that all the road signs were changed in one weekend. It shows as I have occasionally seen roads with "50" on one side of the road and "80" on the other. The signage was placed based on distances from a town center. I rented a house in a tiny village in Donegal. The gravel road was one car width wide, dropped off steeply with no guardrail and was marked "80kph". I cannot attach the pic as the file is too large but it was a funny sight.
  7. And those of us who's Surnames' begin with O'MaelleorXX..??

    Sparky O'Maelleor...


    (the english spelling and Gaellic pronunciation aint any easier for us fella)
  8. You'll begin when there's less traffic on the road. :)
  9. The Treacherous Sons of Rome will do anything to be different from us. Driving upside down? Do the Brits do it? No? Then we will.

    I'm glad I live in the only county of NI that doesn't have a border with this race of tinkers.
  10. You and Sauce Doctor made me laff!!

    And when yer stuck behind a tourist "wagon" {i.e. volkswagen in it's purest sense - dinny mention U-boots - horse drawn carriage withoot a modern (petrol injun) engine [hay in - shoite oot]}....

    Ye canny beat yon pace of life...

    Why be ina hurrry tae yer death?? We'll aw get there one day!!! :D Enjoy life while ye can.

    And by that I mean; the births, christenin's, engagements, marriages and deaths of those we know...

    Chill FFS!!! :D QWe're a long time deed (pinched fi the Japs)
  11. I think everyone I know from down south still talks about 'quid' even though they're referring to Euro. Haven't heard the formal 'pound' in a while though. Although I don't think I ever heard a citizen of the Irish Republic ever talk about 'punts' when the currency was still in being, it was 'Pounds/Quid', qualified with 'Sterling' when talking about UK currency.
  12. "Ye canny beat yon pace of life..."?

    'kin 'ell! Any slower and you'd be Welsh!

    And what's the point of the Welsh, anyway?

    Now that there's no coal and no steel, would anybody miss them?

    OK, it's probably PC that we keep the Welsh (Welch?) Guards, but can't they recruit enough from within the MQs?

    While I think on, you could do the same with the Scots. Mustn't be racist, after all.
  13. Cheers Puttees!!!

    Excellent Reply!!!

    As a Jock/Oirish (oh how my parents/grandparents disown me) I loiked yer post..

    I'm jus glad i wasny born welCH nor henGlish..

    lmao neebor (neighbour in Fife-iestan)

    Gid oan ye!!!
  14. Irish statute...

    The 50 is the mimimum speed you have to be travelling at before a Masey Ferguson is allowed to pull out from a field right in front of you towing the entire contents of the hay harvest.

    The 80 is for the Dubliner overtaking in his chipped up Toyota Carina estate, on a blind bend whilst attempting to read the latest edition of 'Plant hire monthly'
  15. Yes you already said that a few posts back. You already said that a few posts back. It's annoying when people repeat pointless sentences isn't it?

    And I'm glad 99.9% of the population are more intelligent than you. Now take your michael stone placard and exeunt stage left biggot.