The Oil of Arrse 7 Signs of Ageing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sfub, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. At lunch today, I was sat with three fellow, well(ish) respected, middle aged Arrsers when the subject of age came up. The eldest (45) is an advert for the life preserving qualities of what excellent living and obscene amounts of cash can do for you, the two middle are examples of what a life of public service can do to 40 year olds (I know I wear cords and a bfo jumper, but sod it, they're comfy), but the youngest, a spritely youth of 37 looked like Bernard Bresslaw's elder brother.... the three of us were all horrified to discover how young he was, and curious to why he looked so.... knackered. (Seriously, what have you done to look so lived in?)

    So, my question is this; when did you start noticing it was all going downhill?

  2. I point you to the self inflicted wounds thread, for my reason.
  3. gren, have you considered doing a Reggie Perrin? Cheaper than divorce?
  4. So's murder... don't get caught though...
  5. 48. After my last bike accident. Not only the ridiculous time it took to heal (well, mostly heal) and the fact that it was down to crap reactions that led to the spill in the first place. Yup, life now belongs to another generation and all I have is work and beer.

    Edity: forgot the requested digits.
  6. Im long divorced, but it is what started my looks on the way to ruin :)
  7. 45. Stopped smoking, started scoffing, put on 2inches around the waist for the first time since I was 17. Next up, the indigestion hit and being a roughtie toughtie ex squaddie I suffered it bravely before finally conceding a visit to the Doc who put it right with a simple daily capsule of some wonderfully effective drug. The result? Another 2 inches on the waistline because suddenly there was no penalty to eating and drinking. These days, I realize there's only one way to go and I'm trying to grow old disgracefully. :)
  8. fcuking hell, thats identical to me, except the age (42 this year).
  9. I made the mistake of asking someone what the mark was on the back of my hand. "Liver spot" was the reply.

    It's all downhill from here. Just me and the Grim Reaper for company!
  10. Considering I spent my younger years totally pished, smoking, what have you, Im amazed to find that I apparently look way younger than my 40 years. My female friend tells me all the time, her ex thought I was younger than him, he was 28....and a young 19 year old student chatted me up when I did the door of a private party. Her face was a picture when I told her I was 40.....why oh why oh feckin why did I do that??? :x

    Its all in the genes apparently. :p
  11. two things

    1. Having lunch with people who look old but are younger than me!

    2. The thing Billy Connelly refers to, that when you bend down, you make that silly little noise that sounds like a rasping 'hup'.
  12. Wandered off to the kitchen, made a pot of tea, brought tray with tea and stuff back in, sat down (oof, my knees), drunk tea and said "Oooh, that's lovely". I'm on my own, apart from the dog.... so talking to myself and complimenting my own brew. Yeah, it's all downhill...
  13. Of course that sound may have been due to the special attention he got from his special loving daddy. If it's from his arse!
  14. oooh jealous biatch! :p
  15. 40. Rugby weekend in Dub. And not even a mad 'boys' one... Almost died on Monday morning.