The Official Party

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by DozyBint, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. HydraJoe is officially doing my bloody head in about us having an 'official' shindig! Here is his latest offering:

    I've said lovely, thanks, wonderful gesture etc and that I'd pass it on.

    As I said to HJ, my feelings are that until the house is ready to welcome the first guests, a party to celebrate its opening would be premature, but if anyone else feels differently and wants me to give HJ the go ahead to make the arrangements (and get him off my back!) I'd be happy to do so.
  2. You're more diplomatic than I am

    He's driving me fcuking nuts with his banging on.
  3. I have got enough to deal with at the moment without discussing a party as I am still fecking unemployed.

    Someone tell him to leave off for a bit
  4. Doesn't affect me cos haven't got a hope in hell of getting to London for a party but got to agree with Dozy that anything that does happen should be after the place opens. If that's in more than about 18 months time, I might even be able to save up for it :p
  5. Hell if it's in 18 months time I will be, with any luck, permanently back home by then and will attend. :D

    Can you stall HydraJoe that long Dozy?! :wink:
  6. If "stalling" has anything to do with embalming, I think I can deal with it... :twisted: :muhaha: