The Official: CANT BE ARRSED Thread V2.0

A thread for those of us who have been set a task or mission for the day (either by ourselves, our 'better' halves or some other kind of friend/family member) but who just can't be fucked getting off our hoops and getting it done.

For example:

Right now I am supposed to be doing the dishes. We've just finished dinner and I've been writing something during and although I've promised to get up and wash 'em, I just can't be arsed. So I decided instead to create this thread. I've managed to block out her asking for about ten minutes.

So feel free to use this thread as you see fit.

1.) What have you promised/should be doing?

2.) What are you doing instead? (if not just mindlessly surfing Arrse)

3.) Why the fuck aren't you doing it?

4.) How much has this pissed off the secondary subject?
Well I was going to write a long witty reply full of jokes and regale you all with tales of daring don't.

but I couldn't be bothered.

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