The Official Brexit NAAFI Thread

Amazing evening here in Vancouver. It's just gone 9pm here, Arrse will go into meltdown soon as the turps wears off and you wake up to find you got we got what we asked for. It will be interesting to see which MPs have a job on Monday morning. Right, ordering room service as too pissed to go out :)
My deputy is a retired QGE Warrant Officer (he's around 50), every Gurkha he has spoken to is voting out - having touched base with their version of the mafia he believes this is across the board.

Interesting that a body of immigrants has wholeheartedly voted for Brexit.

I voted out (by proxy) and so did my wife.
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The British people have voted to leave the anti-democratic EU.
Largest British victory since the Battle of Britain.
British people not scared by Project Fear.
The world changed,once again, by the UK.
Anti-democratic EU dead in the water.
Rule Britannia...


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There should be no gloating. Britain and other European nations had the current EU and its megalomaniac policies forced upon them which should never have happened. We as a nation finally recognised this and took action and righted this wrong. Other nations in the EU will gain courage and follow this lead.
I bet Camerons starfishing on the back of No10's front door begging the wife not to make him go out there


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Sorry mate. Some things will never change.

One sausage!
This is a day that changed the World, Dianne Abbot is squirming live on TV trying to justify Labour's position, and you want to impose a "one sausage" rule. You're fighting the tides of history, step out of the way or be drowned, TWO SAUSAGES FOR ALL.
I will permit myself a silent gloat over my current uber boss who is in deep shit.

A staunch Remain supporter, he had declined a request from above to consider the impact of a Leave vote, assuring our current masters in the US it was not worth the effort as it would never happen.

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