The Official ARRSE Fantasy World Cup Football League

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by REMFQuestions, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. Football fans!!!!

    I’ve put together 2 leagues at the Official Fantasy Game of the FIFA World Cup & the Official FIFA World Cup Predictor Challenge. The competition takes place from the 11th of June until the 11th of July but you can sign up now.

    The idea is for Arrse to construct their own Fantasy Football team and/or predict the outcome of matches (Home Win, Draw or Away Win) in order to compete against each other for fun and glory!!! There are 2 leagues that people can participate in and they're all very easy to setup.

    How to join

    Go to


    Create an account using your Arrse username.
    If your username is already taken then just use something similar and post the details below. If you're already a member of then just post your existing FIFA username below with your team name.

    Fantasy Leagues

    In the Games section activate and join the FIFA World Cup Fantasy
    Agree to the Terms and Conditions. (Hopefully)
    Proceed to choose your team name. You shall not be able choose your players until they are officially announced on the 4th of June.

    Go here to join the leagues.

    Join “Arrse Classic” league with the code 393721-95512

    Join “Arrse Head To Head” league with the code 393721-95518

    Post in this thread your Team name and FIFA username.

    :D Good luck
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  3. LOL - oh well.

    Mods delete this. I will PM for the code.