The offical Olympic Babes thread

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 24, 2004.

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  1. Ok, there's all this totty banging around the Olympics, and some of it is not half bad. (Except that 400m runner from Mexico, with the suspicious bulge in her pants)

    So, having had your fill of looking in, purely to admire the work of the athletes concerned we understand, who makes your Gold , Silver , Bronze positions?


    Which Country has definitely raided the Babes ready bin for it's prescence at the Olympics?
  2. That Russian lass who won the pole vault last night. :D

    I could make comments about poles and vaulting but on this occasion I shall refrain!! :D :D
  3. i know she's a bit of a horse head , but if a gold medal was given for "massive nipple erections.....even at 30degrees in the shade" then sharon davies would win hands down.

    and quite a few of the pole vaulters could have vaulted my ....etc etc. :wink:

    For further research I suggest paying that site a visit :D

    Purely in the name of science obviously.

    My personal favourite is the german hockey player who posed topless, but sharon davies obviously still rates a wriggle for old times sakes if nothing else.
  5. Superb find, a very good site for research purposes that in conclusion of the experiment show very good results in the trouser raising method.
  6. Could you imagine the British Army equivelent?

    Sorry. Did I just break your concentration?
  7. Are there any women in the army that you would want to see in such poses? Brings to mind poses of the Fat Slags a la Viz style.
  8. ah, how bout Kelly Holmes!!
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Here in Oz a bunch of their athletes posed naked for a very tastefull black and white coffee table book. Sadly I only perved it in the shop so cant scan any in and post them. Top totty though :twisted:
  10. I think you should be awarded an MA in "Olympic Babe Letching". Superb and highly commended work! :twisted:
  11. Fanny Rinne, Germany. Enough said!
  12. Sina Schielke

    Oh yes please :D
  13. She used to keep the lads entertained at Arbourfield when she used the pool for training. :D
  14. Any of that lot could have me.........if they played their cards right! 8)