The Offical Fried Breakfast...

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by STAR123, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Right What should I include? I know what I like but what is considered essential to you guys?! I have the lads staying this weekend!
  2. I think somewhere on here is a 30 page thread devoted to this topic....
  3. Yea I remember that and contibuted to it but it was years ago and as you say it did run in to pages
  4. Oops sorry! I will search... can a MOD delete this then please?
  5. Round our way for the full works one would expect,

    Fried egg
    Bacon (ayrshire if you are being posh)
    Link Sausage
    Lorne Sausage
    Black Pudding
    Potato Scone
    Beans }
    Tomato } Optional
    Mushrooms }

    Or if you want a real kill or cure try a pair of kippers.
  6. Get out of your pits early Saturday, 2 bottles of Becks each then taxi to Asda !! Big f*ck off plate of half edible scran for 3 quid each then straight into town !
  7. Yummy - and of course tea. Coffee is for queers and continental types. :twisted:

    Oh and you missed off fried bread.

    And brown sauce.
  8. Thats a good point make someone else do the hard word
  9. Its the inedible half that would worry me...
  10. Tattie scone is instead of the fried bread and much nicer, and I frefr mustard to brown sauce but we can do a little customisation on the basic.
  11. Right then.
    Bacon (from butchers not shitty supermarket stuff)
    Sausages (as above)
    Fried Egg
    Black Pudding
    White Pudding
    Fried Soda Bread
    Fried 1/2 Tomato
    Lots of Brown Sauce
    Oh and a nice glass of bubbly if its a special occasion

    Edited to add A bit of bubble and squeak on occasions too
  12. Instead of, INSTEAD OF - have you gone mad? I will have you thrown out of the Sweaty Sock Lard Club :twisted:

    They complement each other.

    Oh and Guiness!
  13. Bacon (from a decent butcher, high st family run, not chain)
    Sausages (as above, Cumberlands, Lincs or a really good breakfast sausage)
    Fried Egg
    Black Pudding
    White Pudding
    Fried Bread
    Tinned Tomatoes ( you need something for the bread to mop up)
    Doorstep,crusty white bread and butter

    For those odd occasions, bubble and squeak, kidneys or try duck eggs.
  14. All that has already been said but with fried pancakes, soda scones and some of the previous nights left over tatties (sliced and fried) all washed down with some red cola. No wonder I'm a fat git!!!!!!!
  15. Soda Bread!!??