The Observer: Why teachers, nurses and lawyers go to war

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crossed_axes, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Good write up, hopefully it'll show the muppets who think we're all just "weekend warriors" that we're just as commited as regs.
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    "Swats" wasn't a term that I was familiar with, but it's nice to see "STABS" making it into the national media.

    I too thought it a good write-up and hopefully it will dismiss the "cold war "weekend warrior" myth" for civpop. Afterall, as the article made painfully clear, STABS and ARABS have been very much aware that that particular myth died @ GW1
  3. Gald you liked it. The journalist's visit was set up by SaBRE with the aim of showing employers that Reservists play important roles.
  4. Gald? - yes indede! .... but isn't the circulation of the Sudnay Grauniad only about 6 people?
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Mr T, do you want to preach to the choir? or convert the masses?
  6. The audited circulation is an average of 421,000 at the moment
  7. I did find myself shouting at the telly recently; the documentary about medics on Ops; "they are not members of the Army; they are NHS staff volunteering... "

  8. Well, OK, I mean I'm not trying to be cynical or anything but it's hardly the Sunday Times is it...of course, such articles are good (in a way) but all they do is continue to reinforce the belief that mobilisation is adequately covered by the law and that the 'volunteer's' job is safe - which it isn't - so why continue the charade?

    If the Regular Army wants IRs - and some from the employed sector - then let's stop pretending that RFA is adequate because in the end, the only people that suffer are ourselves.

    Peddling the myth that the Reserves are protected isn't helping anyone in the long run.

  9. Even more impressive was the fact that one of the ladies was my old PA! Good old Donsy! Mind you, shocking weapon handling... I shall give her a jibing about that when she gets back (well, I would, but I'll be out there myself).
  10. But this is, which we also arranged and was published a couple of months ago:
  11. Yeah, still asking 'bone' questions and boring the sh1t out of everyone about how you have a PA, ok ya..... :p
  12. Interesting article but very misleading opening sentence 'Civilians are increasingly being deployed to serve alongside regular soldiers in Afghanistan.' They are not civilians being deployed, they are TA/Reservists volunteering to deploy. There is a big difference.
  13. sorry, is 203 Field Hospital not part of the territorial army then?
    must pop down to llandaff & tell them
    poor dears, probably got confused
  14. Teachers on tour ???

    Can't be that many of them, one of my blokes is a Science teacher and his Head of Faculty won't let him go away on courses / camp during term time, he did his CMSR in his holidays.

    My Headteacher has let me do 2 camps / courses and not given permission for one. One of our Staffies missus wasn't able to do her recruit course for 3 years as she couldn't get permission from her Head and they cancelled her Summer recruit course twice.

    The really good news is that SABRE won't pay schools for cover staff and next year it is illegal for cover for planned absences so the number of teachers in the TA should fall quite a bit. In my understrength Tp - there are 3 teachers (one is geography so it doesn't count) and the new OC is a teacher too, trainee teacher as he can't complain that much !!! :D