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The Obama deception

...anyone seen this documentary? makes sense really, as long as someone has more money than somebody else they can influence more...not far fetched is it? I wouldn't throw out that there is a group of individuals that might nudge any one government in a particular direction for favours. Kennedy was actually trying to work for something and, bang, headshot 8O Warren Buffett, richest man in the world at the moment, $62Billion you think you'd not try to be his friend if he asked you for a favour? :wink: Is any one government really working for your interest, the people?

Bankers "going down"(even though rich)...what happens? Bailout...with who's money? yours...taxes you'd thought were for the good of the country

What has Obama promised that he has actually done?
Virgil said:
Alex Jones preys on the weak minded and paranoid.

The loonie contingent never ceases...to amuse.

You forgot, Shiny side outwards to reflect the rays from the MLB sattelites better.

Alex Jones is a Reverse Vampire working in conjunction with the Rand Corporation..... :lol:

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