The Oath

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by raggedy, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Mail on Sunday reporting that Her Maj is really pissed off with Gonad Broon and Lord Geldtschmidt over the proposed Oath of Alegience, says it,s Nothing to do with Her. Oops! Someone has Blundered.
  2. Apparently it's not. Something was signed and essentially now, I believe you are pledging alegience to the government in power.

    I wonder how many would sign on the dotted line if they knew it was to the stains in Parliment instead of HM??!!
  3. Simple solution. All those that signed the oath to HM the Queen fight all those that sign it in the name of the Govnt.

    Revisiting history a bit really.

    Roundheads v Royalists.

    Me thinks it would be a bit of a mismatch to be honest.
  4. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this particular issue was not part and parcel of New Labours overall plan to decouple the Monarchy from all aspects of life in the UK and to encourage it to simply wither on the vine.
    Let me explain, first they float this idea (which the Palace would NOT be in favour of!) which generates a lot of comment about the number of people in the country who do not support the Monarchy and are republicans and who would refuse to take such an oath, blah blah blah. The idea is then shelved as being "unworkable". Fortuitously though, it focus's attention on those areas of life where the Oath is required, such as the Police and Armed Forces, cue more bleating from republicans and Guardian readers. We're then told that these Oaths are "divisive" and in due course they are dropped in favour of some anodyne, PC piece of nonsense all in the interests of "inclusivity" (see the recently altered Oath taken by Police recruits, full of Guardianista-pleasing drivel about "human rights", though it still mentions the Queen, for the moment!). Anyway, there you have it, one more piece of our culture and heritage down the pan on the way to the wonderful drab, soul-less history-free, socialist hell-hole desired by Brown, Balls, Harman and Billy bleeding Bragge et al.

    Interesting that a report in today's Mail on Sunday says that the post of Black Rod is to be stripped of much of it's authority and relevance, apparently in the wake of the fiasco over the Queen Mother's funeral service when Blair felt he wasn't being given the prominence he deserved.
    Another thread in the history, culture and traditions of our country is unpicked at the behest of these self-loathing anti-British creeps.
  5. Agree - the net result of the proposal would be to highlight republicanism. I would think it is all part of the master-plan to strip us of sovereignty ahead of the move reduce us to EU provinces. Having HM or her heirs around would by highly inconvenient in the federal structure....
  6. Flashy that happens most Thursday nights in Colchester anyway. :wink:
  7. Don't the Navy swear an oath to the Govt, and the Army to the queen? Or am I very much mistaken.

    Basically its then an Army v Navy rugby match.
  8. The last person known to have changed a sworn oath was Adolf Hitler. Maybe Brown has eyes on deposing her majesty and use the Army to do it.
  9. If I have to swear an oath to Brown rather than HRH, I'll stay a civvie.