The oath?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben123, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m due to start basic on September 25th. I have not taken the oath or received my joining instructions yet, just wondering if this is normal.

    When do most people received there joining instructions?

  2. 2 dyas after you're s'posed to start is about right.
  3. mate get yer arrse down ACIO ASAP and find out whats going on otherwise you will be in a mountain of pain.

    Thing about the army is they expect initative, sit back and blame the clerks (there willbe a lot of that in your time0 and they will treat you like a cnut
  4. You should have been attested by now. Get in to your ACIO and do it quick sharp.

    Also request the JIs.
  5. I had my joining instructions on the 24th august and am going in on 4th september... if that makes you feel any better??
  6. Attestation does not take place in most cases till about 10 days before you are due to report for training, so do not panic. You can call in at the careers office to see if they have a kit list for you. Joining Instructions are given at attestation.
  7. I'm still waiting for my joining instruction. I joined the Army in 1999...............Admin office is still shut for dinner.
  8. I swear my oath tomorrow at a TA unit in London...then i start phase 1 on sunday so don't worry :D HS2006
  9. I rang the ACIO today, I'm due to be taking the oath next week, so panick over!
    Is it a good idea to wear shirt and tie or normal civvy clothes?
  10. shirt and tie IS normal :D

    oh, no sorry, I forgot, you should turn up in unlaced trainers, some really awful jeans pulled down so that your underwear is visible, and a hoodie
  11. Go as smart as you can.
  12. Do you still get the Queen's shilling after swearing the oath ? (Or the £2.50 I got + inflation) IIRC from 1983. Also seem to remember it was deducted from my first pay packet :cry:

  13. nope mate just done my oath last tuesday and never got no money lol :(
  14. They stopped the tradition of the Queens Shilling about 5 years back. No money on attestation now. :(