The oath of allegiance and is it out dated??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eddy8975, May 22, 2012.

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  1. AM an ex serviceman and was having a conversation with mucca abot the oath of allegiance that todays service men and women make to the queen and is it out dated, what do you guys rekon ???
  2. Not really, and its not like you have to swear to god either. Its multiple choice so god, allah, muhammed, jordan, no one etc.
  3. It's fine by me.
  4. Outdated in what regard?
  5. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Its worth swearing allegiance to the Queen just for the admittedly very remote possibility that she may well say to us that she has had enough with the dickheads in parliament and would like them thrown out please.
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  6. Out of date and unrepresentative. It should be aimed directly at the people not a monarch and her hereditary privileged heirs and successors. If you think not, then let us have hereditary Captains and etc.
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  7. Because it adulates hereditary privilege and not the people. I serve my family, and country above all else.Nothing else matters.
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  8. relevent to todays army, the playstation generation, do you think that they actually fight for queen and country these days ?
  9. Well that is a very good reason for change. To think that you would sanction the removal of elected representatives (no matter how poor or inefficient they are) in favour of a person who is in a position of enormous influence because of birth is daft and undemocratic. Clearly you believe in a monarch yielding enormous power of YOUR representatives. Odd!!
  10. Thanks - no of course not I was obliged to swear the absurd present oath but served to protect my family above all else and then country, certainly NOT a teutonic monarch.

  11. Too bloody right I would! If Her Majesty decides to use the Armed Forces to oust that bunch of hopeless no-marks from the Palace of Westminster, I'd be there with bells on!
  12. Don't like it fuck off.
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  13. But the whole point is that there is no choice. I wasn't asked to swear allegiance to my family, the British people or country, but a monarch, unlike the German one (how ironic) that puts citizens not subject first.
  14. That isn't a thoughtful reply just a knee jerk moronic reaction. Clearly you prefer an unelected Teuton to your own family. Shame on you.
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  15. Of course there is a choice. Sign up or fuck off.
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