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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. edited for being a div.
  2. Mate, the Kiwis are 'ard as nails and a very good army. They're the South Sea Poms so that should tell you how they train, operate etc. But, they are paid feck all (operationally wise), (unless that's changed lately) and there are feck all of them. Most of them pull the pin and join the Australian Army. Not what you're after as you'll be in the land of the long white cloud. I have many a mate from the Kiwi Army, top lads and well trained.

    I assume this is the info you're after. Or you could try the linky
  3. Given your poor grasp of the English language, seemed ill educated opinions and a somewhat chippy attitude, you'll be a shoe in to the NZDF.

    Good luck.

    PS - They have big boys there who don't like spawny little white boys telling them what to do.
  4. Thank you i was only seeing what my options were, because i have completed all my selection in Britain, a cross road situation but if you think ill bee a total tool il sack it, stay in Britain sorry if iv annoyed you (especialy down under)
  5. You will be fine lad, they believe in equal
    misery for all officer cadets.
  6. I had the honor spending 6 months with the Kiwi's in the 80's scared the life out of them. go for it mate you could do worse
  7. I'm not an officer- but a senior rank and am thinking of joining either NZ or Aus on leaving British Army after 22 years. I've read the recruiting pages for both and have spoken to various people who have given me mixed messages- mainly that to sack the NZ and go for Aus because its loads easier.- I can't carry my pension over, Its a nightmare getting citizenship and all the usual bumpf!! Can anyone give me a real version thats easy to follow and un biased??
  8. PM me if you want any details I have been over in NZ for the last 5 months, 3 of which whilst serving in the NZ Army after completing 22 years in the Brit army
  9. Like it :)

    I'll be ringing Mr Spicer tomorrow to see how much :)
  10. One thing that I noticed about the NZ Army was that it is so small that there was no where to hide the idiots that you find in any organization. In the Brit Army they are usually hidden at a quiet trials unit or cadet laiason team or the like but in NZ the idiots find their way into positions where they can do harm and maybe wreck others careers. As for the army in general, the soldiers tend to be first class and professional and achieve great results with the equipment their non-defence orientated government lets that have. Waiouru is, as often mentioned, is not a very nice place but the rest of the country a few clicks north, south or east is fantastic.
  11. I thought we hid our Idiots in the RLC.
  12. The ones in the RLC tend not to be problem as a lot of the army tend to think that the RLC (with the exception of those brave and fine Ammo Techs) are a pack of idiots anyway. When they find out they are not, they are relieved. Hiding idiots in the MOD or other of the many HQs dotted around is a far bigger problem as sometimes the fruit of their stupidity only become apparent some time after they have left.
  13. hahahaha!! Soooo funny that we hide our idiots in the RLC! granted there are a good few, but so there should be, as it is the biggest corps! but lets look at smaller regiments that have complete thick as mince soldiers that remain grunts for the rest of their days, cos morons like u are happy to work with them cos u obviously think they make u look marginally better!! get over urself houseman!!
  14. some tips if you are thinking of joining the NZ Army.

    -Dont **** with the natives, they dont suffer fools gladly and will rearange even the prettyest fases at the drop of a hat, However! they are some of the funneyest, hardest working, and most loyal bastards you will ever meet (ruthless as **** too), and for you brits out there, Maori, is pronounced, Mow-Rie.

    -Waiouru is a festering shit hole, its cold wet smelly and boaring. that hassent changed in 2000 years and its not likley to in the next 2000 years. so be prepared to be misrible, (however if you are already in the infantry, you will have heaps of practice at this al ready.) if not already, accoustme yourself with drinking lots at one time, cuz theres **** all elce to do.

    -we dont really have **** all desent kit so be prepared for hand me downs, and because of the lack of kit, Excersices tend to be, at the best of times, ******* BORING!! However, we do alot of them which makes us, i believe, one of the best trained armys in the world, alongside the british and austrailans, with the exeption of not being as profissient with the advanced kit you chaps have because obviously, we dont have it.

    but NZ is a primo place to live and the people are awsome. i was born and raised here and am coming over to join the British Army next year and cant wait. i was in the NZ Army for a year when i was 17-18 as a gunner, on the L118 (for anyone interested, an idea of how behind we are on the tech side of things, we are still using dial sights and collimators as aiming devises for our guns.......)
    sorry bowt the spelling, i am partially retarded after running into walls at All Arms Recruit Cource, this being a form of punishment for the recruit/recreational activitys for the DS (charming chaps once you get to know them......) thanks all.

    all abuse welcome. :wink: