The nun

A French soldier comes running onto a crossroads. Once there he sees a nun waiting at a busstop.

"Please, sister, please let me hide under your robes. I'll explain everything later..."
"Allright, young man" she says enthousiasticaly.

A few moments after the soldier has crawled under her robes some Gendarmes come racing onto the crossroads. "Have you seen a soldier running by here?" They ask.
After the nun has pointed them in the wrong direction the soldier emerges from under her robes.

"You see" he says, "I don't want to be sent to Afghanistan." "And, please don't consider me rude, but you have the nicest pair of legs I have ever seen!"

"Well" The nun answers "If you'd have looked a bit closer, you also would have seen the nicest balls in the world too... I don't want to be sent to Afghanistan either!"
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