The Numbers Station

Just watched this last night, and though it may not be everyone's cup of tea, I found it to be enjoyable.

Essentially about a world weary US (potentially CIA, though no mention of official bodies is made) hit-man, who collects each instruction for a job via 'numbers' codes broadcast openly on short-wave radio, authenticates using a 'one-time' pad, then carries out the order, whatever that might be.

A relatively short film at 90 minutes, the pace is quite good, and for once, they actually reference the psychological problems of killing, albeit in dialogue only.

Filmed in most part, at the Bentwaters ex-RAF/US base, the setting looked authentic enough as well. I recommend a look-see.

By the way, the Numbers Station, is definitely based on reality. If you google the subject, there is quite a lot of interesting info, including recorded examples of the transmissions, and frequency info in case you want to listen to current transmissions. As far as is known, no civilian has cracked the codes used, which would be more or less impossible without the cypher.

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