The nuclear deterrent and reasons for its replacement


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Can you count the French in on this, apparently they are well stocked?


The deterrent might be dragged into petty politics this election. The SNP want to be rid of it, and their opposition to it may explain the support of some in Moscow. The Lib Dems want to replace four SSBNs with three - with the risk that involves, and would you trust Corbyn Government with it?

CASD is one of the five pillars of the future Navy


What are the other 4?

North Atlantic
Carrier Strike
Future Commando/Amphibious Force
Forward Presence

And CASD. So nothing new really!

Sea Harriers
Task Group ASW
aaaaaand, errrrm
.....did I already say Task Group ASW?
Change 'Sea Harriers' to 'F-35B' and you are pretty much right. The emphasis is on task group operations. Sometimes piss taking takes more effort!


Report slams MoD's 'poor management of nuclear sites'

In their report, ‘Managing infrastructure projects on nuclear-regulated sites’, the NAO point out that the Ministry of Defence maintains a submarine-based continuous at sea nuclear deterrent to support the government’s national security policy. To do so it relies on a network of equipment, people and infrastructure, often referred to as the Defence Nuclear Enterprise.

The infrastructure includes sites critical to producing, installing, operating, maintaining and disposing of nuclear reactor cores and weapons. These are known as nuclear-regulated sites. Some, but not all, sites are owned by the government, with several of the most significant ones owned or operated by contractors. For these sites to operate, independent regulators must provide assurance that they, and the facilities within them, can safely handle nuclear materials.

The MoD currently has a number of large and complex construction projects for facilities at nuclear-regulated sites. The NAO say they examined three projects, currently valued at £2.5 billion, where construction has already started:

  • MENSA: The MoD is building a new nuclear warhead assembly and disassembly facility at the Department-owned and Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)-operated site in Burghfield (Reading).
  • Core production capability (CPC) facilities: The MoD is replacing facilities at the Rolls Royce-owned and operated site in Raynesway (Derby) so it can produce the latest nuclear reactor core designs.
  • Primary build facility: The MoD is building new facilities at the BAE Systems-owned and operated shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness (Cumbria), which will allow a modular-build approach for the Dreadnought-class submarines

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