The Nu Lairbor Toxic Fiscal Legacy

Is vast.

Uncivil Serpents currently briefing the new mob, some of whom are, despite thinking they were fully prepared for being told that things were far worse than had been said, are genuinely staggered by the true goppping horror of that which is being laid out plainly before them for the first time.

The honeymooon is over: here comes the pain.

Anyway, Jeff Randall has got it right in terms of a brief summary of
the cause and consequences of the current fiscal disaster


Book Reviewer
That's a very good and accurate portrayal of the reality as left by the liars and thieves in the Labour Party.

They are even now cynically banking on the public being disgusted by the ConLib austerity measures of the life of the next parliament to get them back into office, and are hoping desperately that the alliance doesn't undo Labour's gerrymandering.

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