The "Noun of Assemblage" for a Group of Ammo Techs!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by rmgbem, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. Sat safely secured in the "reading room" this morning, browsing through "Schotts Original Miscellany" when I found "Nouns of Assemblage" on page 11.

    Now I know at many PATO Conferences, SAT's Seminars and Messes around the world where 3 or more ATs are gathered, the question "what's the term for a group of ATs" has often cropped up but never concluded.

    Some examples are:

    A malpertness of pedlars.
    A pontification of Priests.
    A bench of Bishops.
    A murmation of starlings.
    A chattering of choughs.
    A Cete of badgers.
    A drunkship of cobblers, (would have been good for ATs!).

    .... and many more.

    So, the challenge is to finalise the debate and agree a noun of assemblage for 3 or more Ammunition Technicians assembled in any place (with or without liquids with a percentage!) for which the winner will receive a free lunch at the Association of Ammunition Technicians AGM and Lunch in October 2009. Referral to Roget's Thesuarus is permitted. The winner will be decided upon by a poll here on Arrse.

    My submission is a "chortle" of ATs.

  2. They're "collective nouns"

    How about "confusion" or "dementia" or "bloat"
  3. A 'Rotunda' of ATs.

  4. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    A 'Bang' of ATs.
  5. A ballon knot of AT's
  6. A 'muttering' of Ammo Techs.
  7. A "composition" of ATs

    A "Brisance"

    A "Density"

    A "Compound"

    For the more specialised ATs. A "Critical Mass" of ATs.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor



  9. After discussing this very subject with the AT OPSWO at 11 Regt, the consensus appeared to be a "freestyle" of AT's
  10. A 'brass band' of ammo techs? A 'recoil' of ammo techs? A 'flash, bang, wallop' of ammo techs? A 'discharge' of ammo techs?

    A 'tin' of tankies?

    A 'big bang' of gunners?

    A 'weary' of infantry?

    A 'net debit' of crabs?
  11. A "Notion" of COs.

    A "Wittering" of Pads Wives.

    A "Bleat" of 2nd Lts.

    An "Expletive" of RSMs.

    A "Wallet" of Techs (R Sigs techs used to be well paid).

    A "Reflection" of PTIs. Or an "Ego" of PTIs.

    A "point" of instructors (particularly SASC).

    A "Mystery" of SAS, SBS, SRR etc.

    A "case" of Lawyers.

    A "pallet" of Gunners.

    A "Trivial Pursuit" of Engineers.

    A "Nuthouse" of RMPs.

    A "Bulling" of Regimental Duties types.

    A "Satchel" of Clerks.

    A "Crash" of Drivers.
  12. I offer a "cackle" of Ammunmition Technicians! :D
  13. a bunker of ammo techs? A magazine?
  14. 2 ATs together = a stab.

    3 or more = a massacre.

    (goes back to the day when it was known as the biggest back stabbing trade there was).
  15. surely, a "promotion" of ATs?