The Notorious Pulse Line... Wattisham

Okay... Those of you that are under this regime will know only too well that our military ethos has all but vanished, replaced by a civilian contract that has the flexibility of a pencil lead. Those of you that are lucky enough to be elsewhere in Army aviation, see us as a joke (who can blame you?)... Thoughts and feelings please (seeing as there's no point in raising these issues in our CofC anymore, as they aren't in charge... A-W are)
A-W being Westlands? Not at present.

You seem to have hit a wall with this post mate. There are some comments on the effectiveness/lack of effectiveness in the BATS thread in Aviation. Have a look in there.
There's an article about it in the latest(Spring) edition of Aviate. Sounds good in theory, but I can see problems if a job at one station is taking longer than forecast; the whole system backs up.

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