The nothing to do with transgender thread

(Serious head in)
It's a wierd fucking world we live in. Fly 6 hours from the UK and you'll find famine, people being stoned, beheaded, thrown off buildings, war, mass murder, child soldiers, etc etc.
Yet in the west the top priorities are is my gender binary or some shit!

Now I don't care what people do when they're adults. It's a free world, crack on!
But FFS just bring a child up as a child and let it make its own choice when it's an adult!
What the fuck is wrong with people today!
(Serious head off)

But that Charlize bird, she'd get it! The socialist cunt.
The only thing I was sure about aged 4 was that I liked Play School on the telly.

Moving on 45 years or so, and I've just given my cock a jolly good wash. You know when you open a new tub of Philly cheese, and there's a sort of fluid pooled in one corner? That.

Sunday bath time eh? I always have one on a Sunday whether I need it or not.

A new ad by Gillette shows a rite of passage moment shared between a father and son, who is transgender: the son's first shave.

Gillette posted the new spot to its Facebook page on Thursday. In the ad, Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, a Toronto-based actor and stage manager, introduces himself by saying he is still trying to figure out what type of man wants to become. He said he's glad he's at the point in his transition where he can now shave.

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