The Normandy Veterans week

A mate of mine has just returned from providing medical cover for the old boys in Normandy.
He's posted up a few photos and some info' on what went on.
I thought it might be of interest to some on here. It's quite humbling as well.

Thursday and Friday were excellent weather-wise, Saturday however, it pished down in the afternoon.

The "Organisers" had the veterans mustered up in three ranks, standing in the rain for well over an hour

Reason: Waiting for that Bashtid Gordon Brown and the other Tvvart Zarkosy!

In the end, the Veterans decided they'd had enough and decided to march down the main street in Arromanches and into the square on the sea-front.

One old boy was challenged by a current British Army Captain who apparently said to the Veterans, "Gents, I can't let you go any further than here".

To which a smart, heavily decorated Veteran said... "Listen here Captain, I came here 65 years ago to fight a war, if you try to stop us today, you'll have another war..."... The group was given immense applause and roaring cheers, it was possibly the best moment of the trip.

A few Gendarmes tried to stop the group but failed also, then a spectator shouted... "Hey, you lot would all be speaking German now if it wasn't for these men!" and another roar of support followed.


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I'm delighted by the posts on the site you gave.

The spirit of the men who landed there is not gone at all. Although it baffles me why anyone should restrict the Normandy vets from marching where they damn well want to. They had no restrictions in 1944 apart from the German army and they ended up nailing them. I already have respect for the Normandy vets but doing what they did makes me respect them more. In formation in the rain for an hour and not one of them younger than 80 years old.... and they marched against opposition! Nails every one of them.

And as for Eddie Izzard... good drills that man. I'm impressed.
Jeez,..... if the Bob Bell in some of those pics is the same Bob Bell who was a fitter when I served my time 'somewhere on the Wirral' then he kept quiet about his service. It certainly looks like him, albeit 25+ years older.

I worked with a few chaps like that. You only got to hear about their military record when they retired. Some were damned impressive. :salut:

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