The Noonans

I watched Sunday's edition of at Home With The Noonans. It focussed on Dominic Noonan's son, Bugsy, and his release from a short stint in jail. He said he did not want a life of crime, and mentioned joining the Army. A member of the Noonan crew is an ex British squaddie and encouranged Bugsy to choose a military career. As a taster, Bugsy and a pal had a boot-camp training session with some ex British Army PT Instructors, which they seemed to enjoy.

I wonder how seriously he would be taken down Manchester Army Careers Office, and which cap badge Bugsy would choose if he got accepted. The same programme showed the Noonans paying their respects to Dessie Noonan at his graveside, with a bunch of IRA supporters laying a wreath and saying a few words for him.

So, I wonder what the Noonan's Irish republican friends now think of Bugsy for even thinking of signing up, let alone doing it.

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