The Non Article 5 medal for Pan Balkans operations

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Toerag, Sep 1, 2003.

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  1. Has this medal been approved to wear yet.
  2. Look below at a thread called Pan Balkan Medal, it would appear that almost 9 months after its issue you still cant wear it.
  3. Wear it???
    I have been back 5 months and not even got it yet :roll:
  4. Elvis has left the building.
  5. I'm going along with HD.
    I returned from a thrilling Balkans adventure in June, I got my medals mounted almost straight away. How niave of me to think that the British Army would allow you to wear a medal that it issues.
    Anyway the upshot is that most people don't realise, and when asked what the Non Article 5 medal was I just said - the new balkans thingy.
    Course, with Remembrance coming up and all that I may be posting after that infoming people of the punishment that comes with wearing a medal not yet approved.
  6. If you already have Nato bos and Kos medals and go back, do you also get this new one?
  7. If you already have Nato bos and Kos medals and go back, do you also get this new one?
  8. Yes, as of Dec 02 this replaces any you would have received and is supplementary to any others.
  9. I’ve just come away from Aldershot Garrison Tailors.

    Who states that the permission for mounting the Pan Balkan medal has been given.

    It can be worn if no other Balkans medal has been issued in the past.

    If you have either the NATO Kosovo, NATO Former Yugoslavia or NATO Macedonia then the new issue is to reside in your bedside drawer.

    However he is seeking clarification on the UN Bosnia medal.
  10. Cheers Pox Dr.
    Nobody at my unit seemed to be able to give a clear answer on the subject, no need to skulk in the shadows this Sunday now. :)
  11. at last, someone trying to stop us becoming the americans, its absolutley arrse that you could get and wear 3 medals for the same place, costing me a fortune, and theyre all crappy choco medals as well.
    what gets me is Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia where all part of the former Yugoslavia, yet only the NATO gong for Bosnia says "former yugoslavia" and the others say "Kosovo" and "Macedonia", they should have done the Pan Balkan gong from the start, would have saved a lot of money in mounting and miniatures.
  12. No, if you have any of the NATO Balkans medals then you cant wear the non article 5 gong.
    See Pox_Drs reply above
  13. I heard a rumour you could wear the non-article 5 from 31 Oct 03, but who knows?

    The question I would like answered on this medal is why the ref to article 5 was made on the clasp anyway? Article Five of the NATO treaty states that an attack on one member state is deemed to be an attack on all. Where FY ever fitted into that I'm not sure. FY was never an Article Five Op in the first place - yes that's why it says 'non', but Oculus is also not a lot of other things too - you could have a clasp saying 'not the Tory Party Conference' and it would be just as relevant as saying N-A 5.

    Have I missed something really simple? :? I don't understand what was wrong with just saying Former Yugoslavia...
  14. The DCI for this has just landed on my desk:
    DCI JS 122-138 2003
    Para 4.b
    Personnel deploying to the Balkans for a subsequent tour regardless of whether they may have served previously in Bosnia-Herzogovina, Kosovo or Macedonia may accept but not wear the medal.

    Para 7
    Numerals that were previously awarded for subsequent tours ceased with effect from 2359 hours on 31 Dec 02.

    Should clear that cheeky bleeder up for once and for all.
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Not to one as dumb as me! Does that mean you can still wear any numeral you got prior to 2002?