The No1 Board (You know you want it "Sir")

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by WigglyAmp, Feb 5, 2005.

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  3. My CR Sucks anyway

  4. I have just been promoted

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  5. I Serve in 9 Regt

  1. Ok this is the Army Rumour Service right?

    So why has nobody started a thread about the No1 board, clearly everybody is just dying to comment on the outcome of pending board (Starts next week I believe).

    Place your bets here!!!!!

    Or are you all keeping quite and holding your breath so you don’t jinks it?

    Personally my CR isn’t worth the paper it was drafted on so I will sit back quietly and watch with intense interest.

    So lets start the rumours flying but remember no names no pack drills……….

    Poll: If you wish to tick 1 & 5 Congratulations!!
  2. It never makes sense to me...ever
  3. what promotion system?
  4. Apparently its not like the lottery, YOU DONT HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT
  5. blimey, there is a system? thought it was lucky dip in glasgow's cornflake box in the morning.
  6. WigglyAmp said
    Seeing as you're not going to list peoples names on this site for Opsec reasons it would be a boring debate. Would it not? Might it be that it is of intense interest to you Wiggly because you are hoping to be on it?
  7. Not listing names has never or never will stop anybody in this forum from not identifying those who need the finger firmly pointed in their direction…..

    So I don’t think it will be an issue.

    It is of course of intense interest to me and o would hope that my CR will indeed by on the board, or the process is even worse than I had first imagined.

    How I should fair on this board is indeed in the hands of the gods, not being a religious man I don’t hold out much hope of a glorious outcome.

    If there is a SNCO out there who does not pay intense interest in the board and his future progress up the ladder then indeed he is a free spirit who can wonder the dark halls of the AAC blissfully unaware of his fate…….
  8. It all depends on which Goal Posts the AAC MCM Div will be using. Come on now, you know they make it up as they go along. For those who do deserve it however, I wish them the best of luck. For those who dont, dont expect work hard and when you do deserve it the posts will have changed again.

  9. So everybody looking forward to the 24th then. Get ready........and BOX!! Lets all see who the winging bar stewards are when the posting plot comes out then. "Cant go there its to far south" or " I have bought a house so can't I stay here please". Deep joy for everyone involved.