The No 1 Board......How many suprises???

Only got the news on the big 1.

Top results for some top blokes. Wish them all the best for the future.

The rest who did not get what they want.....Chin up!!! It can only be a drama if you make it one. But if you have good cause, make it an epic. If not, head down, buckle down and wait for the next thrilling installment of the AAC Promotion Roulette Wheel.

You can buy your tickets at
Im sure we would all like to know if the Northen SSgt in 3 Regt QMs got the crown?
Said person would greet you in a manner akin to "Aye up Muuucka G"
If anyone could shed some light on this I would be greatful.
He is a constant insperation to all the ragtag AirTroopers out there. Just letting them know that SNCO & possibley WO status is achievable even if you are the thickest dimwit on the planet!!!
No he didn't get it. Nor did the best RQMS in the world.......shame
Unfortunately the only way you can be promoted is to actually be on continuance before the board sits…………….. So even if you’re a good bloke or chick it doesn’t matter!
Best thing to do is become a civvy, give that a go for a couple of months fail at that!! Give the Corps a ring, get back in and get promoted. Top move. Did I fail to mention that you must have done a minimum of 22 years first!!!
Congrats to all those selected. :D

Although I do think the system is with its faults. For example, if you are a regiment with junior SSgt's, some of them will be put as No 1, 2, 3 etc given A grades probably. Then a Regt with many experienced SSgt's will have guys positioned 4, 5, or 6 but still senior and sometimes better than those in the other Regt but only getting B or C grades. Which whether you believe it or not makes a hell of a difference on your confidential if it reads "this soldier is my top SSgt or this soldier is in the middle third of the SSgt's". :(
Bombs away has hit the nail on the head. The system will and always will faulty as long as there is the human involvement and those who do not look logically and objectively at the way they report. There are some forces who use the time served method with the cfuk up factor that deducts points as they occur. Those who have done their time, kept their nose clean and done their work correctly will get their promotion. The human involvement does have a minor effect but not the same as it effects the way this armies CRs are written.

As examples; It is unfair for only a single O grade to be given in a regiment if there are 3 people worthy of it and worthy of the next rank. To hold the other 2 back is criminal. The same goes for those out there who will hold a grudge in such an unprofessional manner that they will constantly use it against people. Then you will get those who use the book sensibly and those who flout the regulations to get more promoted in their unit. Its good drills in one sence but it is unfair against others in other regiments who are dipping out due to the selfishness of that act. Finally there are the rules and caveats that change up and down quicker than a whores knickers. Just when one meets the criteria, they change the rules and one has just missed it again.

Now then.........Who has not yet worked it out that it will never change!?
Just for one year why can't they add a bit of spice to the proceedings, by having a right big punch up. All the people that are on the board go down to the gym in Wallop and at a given signal they just kick off. Make it pay to view(obviously Corps Mess Members will get in cheap) and than sit back and watch the carnage. You could even have a weigh in before hand, somebody dodgy, like The Warden, could run a book, and we could all sit back and enjoy. At least at the end of it you would know you had given it your all, and not relied on a spinning dartboard.
Ill run the make the tea and we could sell that too.

Couldnt have said it better myself.

Anyway Qman....How are your poor grapes nowadays????????????
My farmers are fine thanx for asking........did both your check ups at the hospital go well?
Yes thanks............Ive just had another 20 cm removed and feel more human now. A pity the girls didnt like it though...........Loads have now committed suicide.
I know your nose was big but that is taking the piss
Hmmmmmm well Glasgow seems to change the rules whenever they like…….. And it doesn’t help when you have a non – AAC Col running the branch, who doesn’t like aircrew and I quote “I compare you pilots to my tank drivers! They drive tanks, you drive helicopters!” So this is what we are dealing with up there in jock land!!!!!!!!!
Flash you are so insulting. But remember I can also breath through my ears so diving is great and I dont have to spend so much time coming up for air.

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