The Nirvana of Ex Kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by foodie, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. It struck me last night that in the last 7 years since joining I had unpacked/re-packed my exercise bergan more times than I care to mention. At long last I have got hold of a buckshee bergan for CFT purposes and now have it permanately loaded with the correct weight; so no more fannying around with scales the night before.

    The issue is this...

    ?Is there a true nirvana of packing for Ex once?

    Im talking about the type of bergan/belt kit that is ready to go (give or take) and doesn't require me to hunt round the basement for everything. The kit lists that are distributed are often over crowded with buckshee kit that I have never once used.

    The obvious solution is to pack for a low level inf exercise and then tailor it to arm/corps. Thought I would pole fellow arrse's for an opinion that will no doubt cover pretty much every aspect there is. Any tips for great time saving/never leave the house without it peices of kit welcome.
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Being the super organised chap that I am, I have split down all my kit into smaller modules which are stored in sleeping bag stuff sacks or canoe sacks. Each module is clearly labelled with the contents, therefore prior to an ex, I can pack my kit quickly and easily depending on the type of ex/activity, thus:

    ''Do I need NBC/CBRN kit?''


    Put CBRN stuff sack to one side.

    ''Is it Winter?''


    Put Winter warm kit in bergen.

    etc. etc.

    I recommend having the following 'modules':

    CBRN kit
    Winter warm kit
    Summer warm kit
    Range kit
    OP kit
    Basha kit
    Wet weather kit
    Barracks kit
    Grab bag/daysack

    Plus any other stuff you feel necessary.

    Edited to add: my webbing and smock set up is always the same regardless of what I'm doing.
  3. I always have my kit packed ready to go. Like Ravers though, there is additional factors, and my CBRN kit isn't normally packed unless we get told we're going to need it and it just gets slotted in accordingly, winter kit gets packed in when it starts getting cold etc.
  4. plus, my cefo weighs just over cft weight, so I just grab that for cfts :D
  5. Loving the module theory! I guess Im off down to the stores looking for buckshee insert liners.

    My Cefo doesn't quite make cft weight and for some reason they get narky if we try to do it in just that.
  6. I like Raver's approach. I suppose we all do this to some extent but that's a good breakdown.

    One thing I have adopted is using a buckshee sidepouch with a very simple yoke (the original OG yoke) to keep NBC suit and boots in. It can be stowed or lashed where required or combined with one Rocket pouch off the bergan if needs be.

    One side pouch weighs very little and it keeps the NBC suit tidy and easily accessible without having to repack it regularly.

    I suppose this method could be expanded upon although I haven't found it necessary - that said I haven't been back in long.
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's also mega handy at night when you are freezing your tits off and trying to find something hidden in the bottom of your bergen. You can just pull out the module you need instead of pulling out all your stuff and losing something.

    Issue sleeping bag stuff sacks are perfect for all the kit as you can compress the kit down so it takes up less space. The jungle sleeping bag stuff sacks are especially good, you can fit a softie jacket, a Helly Hansen top and a spare pair of socks in a space the size of a grapefruit.

    If you can't get anything from stores, these look pretty good and aren't too pricey, I'm thinking of upgrading my stuff sacks with them soon:
  8. Best thing to do is get a new noddy suit as when issued they come vacuum packed really small, and can then be thrown in the bottom of a bergen to live there.

    I stow kit very differently whether I'm in a CR2, dismounted, or in an Spartan / HQ set up, but the same stuff always goes out. So I keep a big box of the kit I always use (packed in smaller waterproof bags a la Sandhurst) and then throw it in whatever bergen/daysack/man bag/grab bag/webbing/COP vest I'm taking that time.
  9. I use a similiar one as a bergan liner with a small one for warm kit in one sidepouch.

    My dry kit goes in an old bergan liner inside the main bergan liner. Seems to work. Packing flask and MSR stove seems to be the usual head scratching point - gets moved around a lot!
  10. I do this too.

    I have a very nice bergan modded by REStitch (on ths site) so some stuff stays in permenantly.

    ie waterproofs, spare socks, spare scuds, footpowder, eating kit and cooker, sleeps kit, roll mat.

    I have two bergans (CFT and Ex) so I have spare rocket pouches. One has CBRN permently packed in it, and is attached as required. Or just lobbed in the vehicle.

    Daysac sits under the hood.

    Same with my grip TBH.

    Bags can be made quite easily, buy the matierial from sewing shops, sticth over a tube at one side, then stitch around the corner, turn inside out.

    The old protection kits are sold at mil surplus and you get some good thick string and 6 pegs to boot. Use the matierial for the bags. It wears through so isn't wtaerproff but it is still qutie sturdy.

    Canoe bag for the whole shebang.

    With sticky velcro you can stick or sew velcro inside, and attach the bags. Like said above, everything in its place. (Don't go mad with th evelcro just one or two useful thig.s
  11. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Just repack your kit as required??

    I'm always amazed at people keeping stuff aside from dry kit/doss bag in the main part of their bergan (spare rats/water too maybe) - I find everything else fits into the side pouches fine??
  12. It generally seems to fit as you describe. Wash kit, boot brush etc. in the lid perhaps. I do sometimes have a (full size) flask in teh top of my bergan.

    I'm always conscious of the fact that with full scales of ammunition and equipment plenty of space needs to be kept by to stow it.
  13. my solution is that the only things in there that actually need washing are your clothes and your doss bag.

    thus, when you come back, get all that stuff out, and what you might do with it (wash it?)... leave the rest in the bergen. You should have found out on the exercise you've just come in off whether you had it all or not.

    Opening the bergen only to re-add the washed kit and sleeping bag also prevents random luxuries you've picked up from entering the bergen and weighing you down, which you would normally add during the packing stage.
  14. I'd like to thank the OP for starting this thread, it is a subject that is close to my heart, one whch I take very seriously indeed.

    Personally, I like to take a different approach altogether.

    I keep all the wash items (clothing etc) variously in the bottom of the wash basket, in any of several drawers in different rooms in the house, in the bottom of the waldrobe or stuffed in one of many bags in the attic. The webbing and bergan itself are broken down into their parts and spread about the house, garage, at the in-laws or lent out to various friends and family members (ensuring of course that I keep no record of this whatsoever). I keep my sleeping bag in the boot of the car or under my desk in my office. Any small parts are thrown away, hidden in cupboards or thrown carelessly into the MFO box of bike parts in the garage.

    That way, when I am called to go on ex or deploy, and I invariably leave the task of packing until the evening before departure, I get to enjoy the true experience of Army life to the full.
  15. Funnily enough I have found myself in exactly the same situation on more than one occasion. Its made even worse though as the wife is also serving so we have double the kit spread across the house. Luckily though I have never mistaken her grundies for mine when I have been packing!

    Its got to a point though that she has seen some of my "gucci" items (especially a particularly good windproof/waterproof jacket that fits amazingly under a smock) that she has tried to migrate into her own bergan. Its fair to say that I have had to do regular checks of my gorrila box to find out what she has had away. :rmp:

    Whilst getting new TRF's and chinographs yesterday I spotted a coffee filter attachment for the jet boil. Now I was always a convert of the jet boil (for aggresive camping as well as in my ops box) so snapped it up. Just need to test it. Should make mornings on ex that bit more bearable!