The Next Steps With Iran : Henry Kissinger

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by NEO_CON, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. A realist's Approach not a neo-con
  3. They are not in compliance they have been order to stop enriching Uranium which they are doing
  4. Aww poor Henry never got over the Shah
    I actually agree with some of what he says The Russian option, Iranian imperialism but I wonder if by 'honourable options' he means bombing a la Laos style.
  5. So they been ordered(?) to stop enriching Uranium? On whose say-so? Yours, perchance?
    I'd appreciate it if you could back that up with a few authorative links, NEO_CON. And I don't mean an op-ed from the "Hicksville Baptist Review".


    PS Just to bring in a note of realism: the Israelis are in defiance of almost 40 UN resolutions and America regularly does the same (quite apart from ignoring its own highest court rulings).
  6. The article is a month old and was discussed when it first appeared. Can't be bothered to find the link.

    Now then. Let's see the proof that Iran: a) intends to develop nuclear weopans, and b) plans to employ them offensively before we start talking about kinetic steps. And please, no more satellite pictures of rusting metalwork in the desert. Poor old Colin, never going to be able to forget that one.

  7. If you'll permit me, I've also subtly amended your quote, Neocon