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Discussion in 'Officers' started by mr_pr, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. This is an officer careers advice thread, however, the sticky above is 25 pages of a differant type of careers question.

    What does a TA Officer need to do for his MK1 and JOTAC. It all seems a little bit vauge from what i can find. Some sites say i need to do it, but where/how and others say it hasn't been sorted for the TA yet?

    Anyone been here got any advice?

  2. Have you asked your chain of command/UOTC/TA Centre? I know arrse is a modern miracle, but Google is better. Try "TA MK1" and see what comes up. Or try the MK website (again, Google is your friend).

    Try this for all your answers:

    I am TA officer - do I have to complete the MK courses?

    That took me 60 seconds.

  3. Good response, although the link (in the page you have given) that supposedly delineates the policy regarding "The policy on promotion for TA officers" doesn't work.

  4. Why on earth would a web designer think that a TA officer might wish to know the policy but not have access to a RLI webpage? Eejits :roll: but the MS/APC web can be accessed through ArmyNet.