The Next Star Trek Series

I've just finished re-watching Deep Space 9 in its entirety over the course of a few months and it got me thinking about the possibility of a new Star Trek series.

I know that the failure of 'Enterprise' kind of killed the franchise for a bit but the redux films and the continuing popularity of The Next Generation prove that there is still a significant market for Trek.

For what it's worth, I think that any new series needs to take it's cue from DS9 and Voyager, rather than TNG or the original series. People expect multi-season story arcs these days and making the programme a bit 'darker' will sit better with modern audiences than the pure optimism of TOS.

What do you think?
So long as there are zombies involved I'm in - Walking Dead season 5 out on 12th October!


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I am sure i have seen mention of a show based on Worf as well?


Surely all that matters is the shape of the lead female characters? Did anyone ever watch it for any other reason?