The next Spam weapon system?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rabid_hamster, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. Would you really want to be 10 feet in the air when there are guys running around with RPGs? Thought not!

    Might be useful for some things though - Heavy handling (as in the film Aliens), civil engineering, demolitions (civvy, not big bangs), that sort of thing
  2. "put down the RPG, you have 5 seconds to comply"

  3. Where do i get one - thats cool.

    36'000'000 japanese Yen = 274'369 Euro
    3,4 m high and only 1,5 km/h
    "Drop the rpg or I´ll use sponge balls" :lol:,10117,15163650-13762,00.html
  5. Perhaps it's an interesting first step towards a "Heavy Gear" (old PC game) type IFV or carrier.
    IIRC the game featured similarly sized (~3m)walking vehicles that had similar mobility and flexibility to a foot-soldier with vastly improved load-carrying capacity that could be used to mount a variety of weapons including mortars and guided rockets.
    A bit far-fetched perhaps but a practical way of getting heavy weapons into places where tracks or wheels can't go would be usefull wouldn't it?
  6. Seen the video it dosent have the stomping action .The us dod have some sort of research program into walking platforms but its long term.
    i seem to remeber .Would be fun to have that turn up at cophill down but
    even if you covered it in chobham and added chainguns I wouldnt take it round iraq unless i was tired of life . :)
  7. Such things won't be practical until they can do everything a dismounted soldier can i.e. crouch behind cover, lean out from cover, drop flat on their faces and hope that anything bad flies right over, etc., etc.