The next small step?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Enlightenment, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. It may simply be that I am of an age such that the Apollo 11 mission came at exactly the right time to have a profound effect on me. It is my earliest vivid memory, (I was 4 at the time) and I am still utterly in awe of the individuals, the teamwork, the determination and the sheer optimism of the whole Apollo programme. When Kennedy committed to it, the USA had 20 minutes experience of space flight; the political courage to say it in advance (will the Chinese announce their intentions in advance?); and the lust for achievement to demand that "we seek to do (this) not because it is easy but because it is hard!". The pride of the grannies who sewed the gloves of the suits, the engineers who welded the joints. For me it represents everything that is good about the USA, and to some extent mankind in general. Lets face it, if Apollo 13 had been British we would have left them up there for a stiff upper lipped kind of a death; the soviets would have denied everything; the French would have blamed the USA; the Chinese would claim it was a roaring success. It had to be the USA.

    Needless to say I have been somewhat disappointed with my species and myself ever since. Political leadership lurched hard over to the "Screw you, I am the only thing that matters" in the late 1970s and appears to be moving that way apace. Celebrities now are vapid second raters who claim knowledge and wisdom without any of the awkward inconvenience of having to actually learn anything and leadership consists of management only. A person's value is judged purely by their cash value, and consumption is all that matters. Where are the people now who dare to do these things, celebrities who have done such things?

    To that end:

    What project could mankind or this nation commit to? Something to inspire and instil pride; something to succeed at; something to benefit the whole of the species; something bold and daring. What can my sons generation have as their "Because it is there moment?" We need more of the pride

    For me, something really bold in the use of the oceans. A real attempt to make the deep ocean beneficial; to understand the significance of the deep ocean currents. Either that Mars or one of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn. Where else can mankind go?
  2. That is too much of a pointless gesture.
  3. Having been born too late to see the moon landings I'd be pretty arrsed off if they didn't put foot prints on Mars in my life time.

    There would have to be the cheesy gesture of putting our differences aside and doing it together in order to make it work these days though.

    Not likely when we're still scrapping over land, oil and religion.
  4. As the planet now has more people than it can sustain, space exploration is the only place where we will find sufficient resources.

    With the discovery of H20 in some of the lunar craters which will provide air, water and fuel, then a permanent base as the launchpad for further exploration seems logical.

    As long as they dont allow any religious types in space, it could be the perfct place to start afresh.
  5. Don't hold your breath, CM. The religious. god bothering verminous, parasitic scum have been living of us since time began. You can run but you can't hide.
  6. Not only that alot of those who have gone into space come back as serious Devil Dodgers.

    New plan please!
  7. CJ, I think you will find that a lot of the early astronauts were serial bible punchers long before they left Planet Earth.
  8. This assumes that they actually went to the moon............................
  9. I heartily concur. And we can start by firing rocket loads of extremists into space in the general direction of the sun. No need for sophistication, just fire them in that direction and gravity will do the rest.

  10. Charging Tony Blair with war crimes and waging aggressive war and putting him on trial at the Hague.
  11. Mars. Has to be. And not 'International' or anything. Either ESA and / or NASA, No-one else can do it. The thing is, mankind needs targets, goals and to a degree; obsessions. That gives direction and purpose. We cannot feel genuinely good about ourselves without achieving something difficult. Many a Para, commando or indeed regular soldier will agree with that.

    That's exactly why it won't happen. Our politicians and civil servants do not want to set explicit goals, because it makes it possible for us to show their utter failure in achieving them! Better to placate the masses with abundand social security schemes. The modern Bread & Games are Benefit cheques and Sky! As Enlightment says: Leadership and Management are NOT the same thing! The ISS is managed, the Apolo project was lead. View the differences...
  12. A Link For you
  13. One mans extremist is another mans Messiah.
  14. She can make mine anytime :p