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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. What would spark a Libyan style revolution in the UK? I know we always assume it wouldn't happen, but could it? What form would it take? What would be the end-game, and how would Parliament deal with it? Would the Forces back the Government? What if the Armed Forces were split and some went to the side of the people?
  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    It did happen in 1642, just shows how advanced we are in this country, It's only taken the Arabs 4 hundred years to catch up
  3. The last time we had a serious internal problem in the UK Cromwell and his men won. What we have now in Westminster would make the Rounheads spin in their graves.
  4. Just waiting for the word.....preferably after next week though I have a week off.
  5. A deeply unpopular government like the last lot trying to hang on longer than their five year term would about do it.

    Can't see the armed forces having much say over national unrest, tho.
    Far too small a club for that these days.
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  6. Absolutely, what with Xmas, football and voting breaking out all over the place.

    With that and not being able to sell Quakers into slavery anymore I expect they are spitting.
  7. We are a well established democracy. Not to say we don't have some glaring issues with our democracy, but in this country we have the means available to not have to resort to violent Revolution- its possible to achieve it through democratic means whereas in many countries it is not.

    However, what it requires is the British population getting off their arse and getting involved. Fat ******* chance.
  8. It will happen, worry not.
  9. The X-factor being cancelled that would probably get the mainstream British public going.
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  10. Go on then, do tell.
  11. Check your Filofax, next thursday at 10:15am. To be preceeded by gibberish phrases on Radio One to alert revolutionary cells that they have been activated ................ on second thoughts that won't work, they speak gibberish on Radio One all the time.

    On a serious note, if you look around the planet it is quite scary how quickly an organised society in the shape of a country can become a lawless mess with only the slightest prodding by opportunists. The UK's problem is that it is an island, with a population that is growing out of proportion to what the country can physically support and it is heavily dependent on imported food and energy - one refugee too many or a cutting of the supply lines and it will become a free for all. Russia controls the gas flows for most of europe now and has shown that it is willing to turn off particular national taps in order to "convince" gubmint's to toe the line.

    Scary, hope it does'nt happen. But, I'll bet they've played the scenario out on the Staffies course.
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  12. Yeah.... there was a sort of tentative, probing 'dry run' the other week-end in London.
  13. maybe if some **** could organize a general strike.
  14. Agreed.

    If everyone in the Uk is too lazy, I should be able to have a revolution and win single handed.
  15. Well I'd describe what happened in Ulster at the end of the last century as a revolution of sorts, an unhappy one leading to entrenched sectarianism but still significant. Mainstream politics got practically wiped out and insurgent extremists, the DUP and SF, became the establishment.

    It's just you idle, apathetic buggers on the bigger island that won't shift yourselves beyond a little light looting.

    Dublin could do with beer hall putsch as well, I doubt anything else will fix the FF&FG corporate state.