The next Reich, coming to us sooner than we thought?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fiona_TG, Nov 11, 2017.

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  1. Better than the murdering stain on humanity that used to throw these salutes...
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  2. That’s a bite. It is nice to use your own agitprop against you now and again
    Qualification by ‘handful’. The point about Israeli Nazi’s and undercover reporters has already been made
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  3. Indeed. Subversion was started by KGB. Puppets played by puppets played by puppets.
    A bit like your Russian doll, no? Angela Merkel thinks she knows but she is being played.
    Jeremy Corbyn and entourage are "useful idiots".

    It will all backfire spectacularly.
  4. Putin's agitprop is not MY in any sense.
    As a private person I express my own views.
    It was a loud case in Israel but there was only 8 so called Nazis. It is indeed a handful.
    Why the law against Nazi propaganda was passed in Russia in 2014?
    It's politics.
    U.S., Ukraine Vote Against Russian Measure Condemning Nazism At UN
    So the law in Russia was passed to be used in political games on the world stage.

    Canada votes against UN motion on glorifying Nazism
    @terminal why do you think Canada appeared in a position of Washington's puppet?
  5. KGB emerged only in 20th century while the problem in question has centuries long history. Why the Roman Empire did fall? Rome was overcrowded by barbarians, people of not Roman descent. As a result armed forces became ethnically not Roman but just foreign mercenaries. Current wave of refugees in Europe will be used to build police, armed forces with the same effect in distant future. Just wait.
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  6. You could have a point there but the agitprop endemic will be the conduit.
  7. When they continue to align with your agitprop sites, it remains your agitprop. When they differ (only on items re Putin), you may have a point.
    There's plenty of extremists including neo Nazi groups in Israel
    Radio Free Europe? They got their numbers wrong again. I always thought you preferred primary sources?

    Anyway, was Putin and the Duma prescient when they passed a law in 2014 about a UN debate which took place two years later?
    United Nations Official Document

    General Assembly Adopts 50 Third Committee Resolutions, as Diverging Views on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Animate Voting | Meetings Coverage and Press Releases
    The vote passed and is likely to be taken as much notice of in Russia as previous UN statements such as the condemning of the invasion of Crimea.
    How was the Russian legislation passed in 2014 because of a UN statement in 2016? If you fail to address or acknowledge the reasons, you're as much a part of the problem.
  8. My comment are in bold
    Is Mail your newspaper? Do you bear any responsibility for its content? No?
    Equally I don't bear any responsibility for Putin's agitprop outlets.
    Well, read RT, watch it if you like. But they are not my in any sense.
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  9. Moscow was trying to pass anti-Nazism resolution on UN GA during previous years.
    General Assembly Adopts 68 Resolutions, 7 Decisions as It Takes Action on Reports of Its Third Committee | Meetings Coverage and Press Releases
    There is a natural counter-argument. If you propose a resolution against glorification of Nazism then why you don't have respective law in Russia? So the law was intended to nullify this counter-argument.
  10. Why is there not a resolution against the glorification of Communism in Russia, a much more foul and murdererous ideology that Nazism ever was?
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  11. IMHO Nazism, Nazist ideology is absolute evil and its glorification in any form is unaceptable, insulting.
    As for Communist, Marxist ideology (that I personally don't support) then it is not forbidden in most of European countries (with notable exception - Ukraine, where communist party is forbidden). Btw, Marxism is an official ideology of the Labour party in the UK.
    So first of all ask your MP to pass a law to forbid Marxist (Communist) ideology in the UK, to forbid florification of Marxism in Great Britain and only then propose to do it in Russia.
  12. Go on, post some proof.
  13. Don't tell me what to do Checkist!
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  14. Poetry eh? Really getting the big guns out then.

    Nothing like an artfully crafted iambic pentameter to really put the collywobbles up your average Nazi.