The next Reich, coming to us sooner than we thought?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fiona_TG, Nov 11, 2017.

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  1. Yes, pres.Putin signed the law 5-11-2014
    Путин подписал закон о запрете пропаганды фашизма
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  2. No, as I understand just to simplify formal procedures that the police should follow.
    The law gives the police right to use force toward anybody who is viewed as promoter of Nazi ideas even in disputable cases.
    There is a law in Russia that ban propaganda of homosexualism among children. It doesn't mean that such a propaganda is a big problem, that it is on the rise. However it gives police, local authorities rights to suppress many actions instigated by LGBT community.
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  3. Just off the top of their heads? No reason? Really? You can do better than that.

    RT lying or misquoting are they?
    Looks to me like there was/is a problem and they've legislated against it.
  4. It is good to have a questioning mind and I understand why you might be suspicious:

    "The official Soviet portrait of Gorbachev had been retouched to remove the birthmark."

    When news was broadcast of "refugees" landing in Europe a couple of years ago, some of us saw beyond the naivete of the reporters. It was clear that there were many young men of fighting age, some hiding their face from the Western cameras, with a look of hate in their face. Since then there have been refugees, economic migrants and insurgents. Applying a filter that we are comfortable with or which tally's with popular MSM and political rhetoric does not alter that reality.

    If we are being misled, who is misleading us and why? What do they stand to gain or to lose?
    If we make assumptions, are we misleading ourselves? If so why? Who does it benefit?
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  5. ...but you are a proven liar, so you and your alter egos are probably not the most reliable of commentators.
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  6. [​IMG]
    First nationalist party registered under new Russian law
    I'm sure it's a Russian version of the 'Hokey Cokey' putting their right arm in and up:
    Now Vice Speaker of the Duma no less..... Sergey Baburin - Wikipedia
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  7. They are important, complex and difficult questions. It is impossible to answer just in a few phrases.
    It looks as there is a decades long plan to change demographic face of key European countries including the UK. Fractured populations with internal religious, mental, style of life borders would be much more easily managable, manipulated. As a result tiny group of masters that controls European, British economies will install their servants as MPs, ministers and fool peoples presenting them as 'people's servants'.
  8. I only have to repeat - there was no any big problems with a handful of Nazi followers in Russia. The law is merely a part of political games of ruling elites.
  9. A brand new union on national and socialist lines
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  10. You're sticking with that line? Really? Despite the comments made in the RT article? Oh well, 'there are none so blind as those will not see'. Nothing to do with people wearing Waffen SS uniforms and shouting 'Sieg Heil'?

    Just admit Russia has Nazi's, much like many countries.
    My point Mr 'deliberate obfuscater' is in answer to yours:
    You're either blind, politically unaware or just a denier.

    Just admit Russia has Nazi's, much like many countries.
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  11. So you are a devoted RT reader? Congratulations! Have you Putin's photo in your room?
    I admit. There is a handful of Nazi nutters in Russia as in many other countries (except Israel, of course).
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  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Very much like the young pioneers of communist times? Face it most of that lot over in Eu land and beyond need firm leadership!
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