The next James Bond

Who should be the next James Bond?

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Pierce Brosnan announced this week that his 007 services were no longer required. Boooo!

Colin Farrell says he would probably turn it down as he believes an unknown should play the role. He also said he would play it in his native Irish accent....

Personally, I think there is no obvious choice and it will be very hard to be as effortlessly cool and delicious as Brosnan.

Now a whole range of names are in the frame to play Bond... but of our home-grown talent, who would be best at all the kiss-kiss, bang-bang?

Now i know i will probabbly be shot down for this but i think that.....

Johnny Depp 8O

Should be the next bond as he is such a good actor, has the ability for dry wit (a pre-requisite for a bond actor!) and can put on a mean english (or scottish) accent

And yes i know he is a spam!!!!!

agent smith
To be honest - they are all bad options. Jude Law is far too baby faced and mincer like if you ask me. Surely the most accurate person to play an MI6 agent would be about 54 years old, have a passion for good port and a right stomach on him. In the JB vein, though, Id say that guy out of Spooks on TV who played Tom in series one and two is about right. Hugh Grant? Dear oh dear.
what about the new BatMan: Christian Bale (American Psycho), or if the money is right: Filbert Fox
I agree about Hugh Grant and Jude Law - even Rupert Everett would be better! I missed out Ewan MacGregor, too. But Christian Bale would be excellent, even if he is Welsh.....
Ewan Mc Gregor or possibly Dougray Scott for the jock/lady appeal

My own personal vote would be jave to be Peter Kay :lol:
Orlando Bloom keeps being mentioned in various mags/papers. Hopefully not, I don't think he could carry it off.

Brosnan was great for the last few, one of my favourite Bonds, he'll be hard to follow.
Robbie has been mentioned - probably by Robbie. He 'auditioned' for it in his Millennium video, too.

Dougray was pretty good as the terribly nice company commander in one of the later series of Soldier Soldier. He was even better as a bad guy in Mission Impossible 2.
Has Robbie Williams not been mentioned once?

I will personally abstain from the bond movies if the fat dancer boy from take that gets in
If the gender barrier could be broken for 'M', then why not for 007? Okay the name may pose a problem, but think of some honey dropping in and out of bed for Queen and Country!
My vote goes to Brian Blessed, although they would probably have to substitute a pint of "Old Badgers Prostate" for JB's customary Martini!
Speaking of which, who the hell drinks Martini anyway? :?
In the current climate the next Bond will be African/Asian, gay, have a degree in beach management and have been recruited to MI6 from the Islington Taliban Friendship and Understanding Society Dance Workshop. :roll:

European, robust, resourceful, RN Commander (sans bushy eyebrows) fanny magnet types need not apply.
gizzardtoo said:
Have you ever tried a Vodka Martini? Tops drink for a fast effect.

Now where did I leave the olives?
Unfortunately, there is something buried deep in my Yorkshire psyche that wont allow me to drink Martini, white wine of any description, spirits other than good single malts, and never, never, never pre-mixed drinks aka tart-fuel or bitch-piss.
Make mine an "armoured car" (barley wine & bitter) preferably, Stingo & winter warmer.

"Wives and sweethearts (may they never meet!)" :lol:

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