The Next Hot And Sandy Place?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Oil in the sahara? :D
  3. Oh good grief Rickenbacker, so is Antarctica.
  4. At the moment everywhere I get sent to is a dump that has no running water!

    Why can’t they pick a fight in a country that doesn’t stick of cack, have tonnes of flies, and the women have all their own teeth?

    I hear that they are getting a bit up themselves in Ibiza

    (Wishful thinking)
  5. Actually doesn't that kind of describe Ibiza?
  6. I understand Jamaica is truly a lawless place with terrorist activity funded by a triangle trade of cannabis for guns for money. Cannabis resin is imported into the UK, where it is sold for money or traded for guns, with various criminal and alleged (Guffaw)terrorist entities with cannabis plantations in the cockpit country and disused cane fields.

    I don't see how we can permit this to go on in a former British Colony.These cells are centered around Montego Bay and Negril Beach with a substantial Radical Islamic or RI sympathetic prescence in Port Antonio and Ocho Rios as I understand. I appreciate that these are by some co-incidence , the premier spots for sun and surf, therefore I conclude that they like to party hearty too

    These RI members or cells do not eat pork (Therefore Muslims) and are known as 'Rastafarians' or 'Jah Rastafarai!' The JR have proven links with Ethiopia and Somalia , which are known hotbeds of terrorist activity. They worship an Islamic identity, henceforth known as 'The Selassie' .

    The JR like achieve a catatonic state similar to Dervishes or Janissaries (Also Muslim) using "Righteous 'erbs" and a local concotion known as "Red Stripe heavy" . The centre of their terrorist supporting activities amongst other places , is known as "Sabrina Park" where JR have very clearly been heard exhorting and inciting locals to "Mash up 'pon de openers dem to rasclat" and other grevious incitement, using IEDS such as coke cans, steel bands, curry goat ,mirrors and Peter Tosh played at dB earbleed.

    It is a PROVEN haven for terrorism , especially against the England openers.

    I look forward to OP. BURNING SPEAR, (But not in March/April as it's the rainy season and a bit pants, with beaucoup Mosquitos)
  7. Intelligence that has reached me suggests a considerable Terrorist Finance centre exists in the Cook Islands, a Commonwealth territory and tax paradise in the South Pacific. We cannot allow this to carry on! Permanently Operating Factors for Rarotonga include: Subtropical climate, suitable beaches, damned pretty girls (who speak English), no resident armed forces, DB Export Dry Lager. Coral reefs pose a hazard for amphibious operations, but an 8,000 foot runway is available on Raro and longer on Aitutaki. Clearly, issuing an Ultimatum to the CI Government to reform their banking laws would risk the destruction of evidence - so only a surprise attack could be considered.
  8. Seems like a regular Army presence wouldn't be required then. Perhaps send in all the stabs that now have operational experiance? The Regular Army is stretched due to commitments anyway. :D

    You can all go home to your pad brats and, ron-hill wearing, wives :D
  9. The_Monocled_Mutineer mused:


    Quite so...

  10. Current Pentagon Policy is to pull U.S. Troops from Europa and reassign regiments to control domestic democrats in about yer 'hot & sandy' (Iran/Syria/Saraha...' Fergetaboutit ')
  11. monaco monaco
    its rich
    it will piss off the french
    plus its not that far away ideal