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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by julescolt_uk, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. The Labour Party

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  2. The Conservative Party

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  3. The Liberal Democrat Party

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  1. It is seen by many that current spending (due to cut-backs) on the Armed Forces seems to negatively correlate with what is expected of us. There are many current issues between the U.K. Government and the U.K. Armed Forces at present, many of them making headlines in the national news daily. Cut-backs in spending are perhaps the root of these problems.

    Is the current government actually 'in-touch' with the Armed Forces? Do you think that empowering a different political party may help to resolve the issues between Government and Armed Forces? Who would you vote for at this moment in time?
  2. None of them. At a push, with a gun against my head and a man threatening to flame thrower my kids.....LibDem.
  3. Makes me squirm as I say it, but, Labour, because the others are even worse.
  4. None of them, even with the gun against my head
  5. Why not vote for the army`s own MP ?
    I researched this a few years ago and electoral law may have changed a bit since then but here we go:-

    Soldiers (and anyone else over 18 ) can appoint a proxy to v ote for them.
    Pick a marginal constituency, or even Bliars own, but ideally one with a garrison in it.

    All the soldiers abroad (and wives/husbands), and as many based in the UK who want to join the scheme, appoint a soldier in the chosen constituency to vote for them, as their proxy.

    Come the election, the proxies make their vote and the votes of those who have appointed them to vote on their behalf and Hackle finds he is now an MP !

    The positives is that QRs require COs to ensure that their soldiers are registered/encouraged to register to vote.

    The down side is that a proxy voter can only have 10 proxies (i.e. vote on behalf of 10 other people). So for a goo d solid block of votes - guaranteed to take any constituency, we need a garrison town. Also it will take a lot of organising. But that is what the army is supposed to be good at.

    Given really good organisation the army could swing a few marginals. Throw in a bit of Tri Service coordination......Should be good for having influence in the next government.

  6. Has 10 years of Liarbour not made you a little bit curious?

    The case for 'better the devil you know' doesnt hold much water today. I'm sure a bunch of mong trolley collectors from Tesco could run the country better than the collection of lying, cheating self gratifying ********* who sit in Downing Street today.
  7. You are voting for the same party regardless of the colour of the rosette worn by the candidate who represents it! Your choice is, 'take it or leave it if you want to but you are getting it anyway - straight up the rectum'!
  8. Unfortunately what ever party gets into power next time around the UK armed forces will get shafted yet again.

    This lot seem to abuse the military on an almost daily basis, after the last round of cuts, Oliver letwin (think it were him) made a statement saying that he could have made deeper cuts, though he would of course saved the Scottish regiments.

    Then there’s the Lib Dems, reduce Typhoon numbers (no bad thing), lose the nuclear deterrent & basically turn what ever is left of the 3 services in a UK version of the Canadian defence force.
  9. Isn't that what labour have been trying to do for the past 10 years? It's the only thing they've nearly succeeded at.
  10. Not quite Flash, that is rather over-ambitious. What they want and what we will obtain is an ORBAT similar to that of the Irish Defence Force but with the same global commitments we have now.
  11. Thank fcuk I'm banging out!
  12. Vote Lib Dem
  13. The poll left out two newer parties; UKIP and BNP.
    The Dutch showed how quickly things can change. The 60% who didn't vote aren't lazy, they just have no one to vote for.
  14. Including UKIP and the BNP, both of which featured in the last General Election
  15. When you see how we are going to vote is it any wonder that B'LIAR and his buddies hate us!

    We rate alongside the folk that live in the Shires and worse still the really poor rural communities as enemies of the Urban supported Labour party.

    Come the revolution will the lawers be first against the wall? It would certainly cull the ranks of Neues Arbiet.