The Next Generation: A-10C arrives at Davis-Monthan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Red Shrek, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. The Next Generation: A-10C arrives at Davis-Monthan
    by 2nd Lt. Mary Pekas
    355th Wing Public Affairs

    11/30/2006 - DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. (AFPN) -- The A-10C Thunderbolt II made its official roll-out debut here Nov. 29, revealing its transformation and its enhanced capabilities under the Precision Engagement program.

    The Precision Engagement program will offer the A-10 the most significant modifications it has ever received in its 30-year history, making it a more capable and survivable attack fighter, according to Maj. Dan Walls, 355th Training Squadron director of conversion training unit operations.

    "Precision Engagement increases the lethality, survivability and standoff of one of the most respected and recognized attack aircraft in the world and ushers in a new era in the A-10 story," Major Walls said.

    Under this program, the A-10 will receive numerous enhancements including the full integration of sensors, including data link and a targeting pod, allowing the A-10C to identify and strike targets from higher altitudes and greater distances without sacrificing accuracy. This integration also will enhance the aircraft's communication capabilities.

    The cockpit will undergo modifications under the program with the introduction of two new multi-functional color displays and a new hands-on-throttle-and-stick interface. These enhancements translate into increased situational awareness for the pilot and the ability to perform most tasks without removing his or her hands from the throttle or stick.

    As a result of this upgrade, the A-10C is projected to remain operational into the end of the 2020s, well beyond its initial expected lifespan, Major Walls said.

    At the roll-out ceremony, Col. Kent Laughbaum, 355th Wing commander, introduced the arrival of the upgraded jet with reminiscent words on the history of the A-10. He ended by citing several of the technological advancements made to the A-10C and the possibilities for it in the future.

    Guests and media later took the opportunity to see the newest modifications up close as A-10C pilots and maintainers showed them around the aircraft and the cockpit. A desktop simulator also was provided for visitors to experience virtual flight in the modified jet.

    "We're going to see at least another generation of the A-10 at (Davis-Monthan)," said Colonel Laughbaum. "It is an exciting day for Davis-Monthan and the A-10 community.
  2. Will it come with pictures of british vehicles taped to the inside of the cockpit? Perhaps with a big sign saying "DO NOT SHOOT"
  3. [​IMG]

    Thats comforting to know. Thanks. 8O
  4. That's funny that. I could have sworn it was being withdrawn from service cos the new modern ultra high tech USAF only needed $2 billion bombers and there was no need for a Mud mover that could carry a complete bomb dump for 3 days at 5 feet off the floor.
  5. I thought it was soon going out of service, as well!

    Uprated, eh? Bloody hell, the original was bad enough. Wouldn't want the new one coming towards me!

  6. Can we swap some Typhoons for a few A10Cs.....?
  7. Warthog

    But it doesn't add much..

  8. Bring back the Douglas A-1 Skyraider. And the HS Buccaneer!
  9. I second the Buccaneer.

    BTW, did you know the Royal Navy used to operate Skyraiders, though the more sedate AEW version?
  10. The old (pre 1978) Ark Royal had an air group of (IIRC), 14 F4K Phantoms, 14 Buccaneers, 4 Gannet AEW & 6 ASW Sea Kings. That would be a pretty formidable air group even today.
  11. It's way, way off topic - but have you browsed round the Skyraider site? Some of the recordings of radio comms on SAR missions for downed pilots in Vietnam are worth listening to.
  12. Ah an A 10 for the AAC. Much better then the small cabs they use these days. Real close air support for the Men who need it from the folk who understand their needs.
    Now that would really upset the crabs.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Besides the A-10 is mainly used by the Air National Guard & the upgrades are mainly to allow it to use the new generation of weaponry (J-DAMS) & sensors,much of which are already in service on the FA-18 E/F of the US Navy.Incidentally,80% of the kit on the F-177 Nighthawk is FROM the FA-18 A-C anyway.
    Now the Bucanner,THAT was a jet! got the rare luxury of a jolly in one once & it's true,Bucc pilots get nosebleeds higher than 50 feet!lol
    We had,at one stage,a unequalled aircraft industry! If Liebour had'nt cancelled the TSR-2,we'd have had no Phantom,Jaguar,Tornado or Eurofighter.It'd still be in service today with god knows what other air forces.
  14. Talking of Buccaneers!

    Many, many, many years ago I was told the story of two Buccaneer aircrew who ejected just a few yards away on final approach to land on an aircraft carrier.
    Still dripping wet and sat in the crew room they are asked who initiated command eject.
    The ejection sequence can be started from either seat which then jettisons the canopy, the rear seat and finally the front seat.
    The navigator (rear seat) says that they were about 5 seconds from landing when the pilot calls out “Ohh Shit” on the intercom. Due to the fact that he can see bugger all forwards due to the front seat he thinks fcuk this and pulls the black and yellow chicken switch.
    The interviewers turn to the pilot and ask him what the problem was, power loss, under carriage failure, loss of flight controls?
    Pilot looks embarrassed and says “Err no! I dropped my mars bar!”

    Probably not true but I lapped it up as a kid, and I still think it’s a great story.