The next England manager.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Howay_the_Lads, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. With Sven off in the Summer, my moneys on Sam Allardyce.
  2. I'd prefer Stuart Pearce, knows how all about penalty shoot outs if nothing else.
  3. Ron Knee, the current incumbent at AFC Neasden is probably worth a run out.
  4. Neither of which won't happen but Stuart Pearce or Robbie Keane - put a bit of fright into the team.
  5. Bobby Robson..... No competition whatsoever.
    I still remember, rose tinted spectacles, how well we did in Italia '98 with him at the helm. Sweet.
  6. get a jock manager they do well with english teams, :wink:
  7. Cowboy wrote:

    get a jock manager they do well with english teams,

    But not so well in World Cups though eh?
  8. i never said they were any good for Scottish teams did I?

    also why do you think it is always english tea and not scottish~ because england stay in the cups longer :wink: and yes i am a porridge wog
  9. Only One for me.....Mike Bassett!!!


  10. I gathered that, however, having recently experienced the heady heights under Souness, Scotttish managers are a sore point!
  11. Tony Blair. He Fcuks up everything else so why not the England football team?
  12. The Crazy Frog
  13. Controversially and un realistically I think Venables
  14. Dig up Brian Clough and sit him on the bench ...he'd still be more animated and show more passion than the 2ft-foreheaded freak Sven 'will you f*ck off' Erikson....
  15. And he'd smell better!