The next England manager.

Ron Knee, the current incumbent at AFC Neasden is probably worth a run out.
Comfortably_Numb said:
Cowboy wrote:

get a jock manager they do well with english teams,

But not so well in World Cups though eh?
i never said they were any good for Scottish teams did I?

also why do you think it is always english tea and not scottish~ because england stay in the cups longer :wink: and yes i am a porridge wog
Tony Blair. He Fcuks up everything else so why not the England football team?
Dig up Brian Clough and sit him on the bench ...he'd still be more animated and show more passion than the 2ft-foreheaded freak Sven 'will you f*ck off' Erikson....
Lots of names being mentioned, but one that isn't puzzles me.

Peter Taylor has run the Under 21s for several years and has an outstanding record - knocked out of last tournament only by cheats (Johnny Frog as it happens). Broken service as that cretin Howard Wilkinson, who helped appoint Sven, decided that he could do better than Taylor's unbeaten/100%? record. Wrong.

Taylor is now back and doing well (not that well at Hull), so it is proven that he can mould individual players into a team on a regular basis - even though Sven has frequently poached his best. The senior squad has several players who have worked for him, and more will follow.

He also appointed Beckham as captain, and lost his only senior match to Italy. Oh dear, have I talked him out of the job ?.

Still, strange that he's not been mentioned. I don't trust McClaren, can't define why though.
Think about this one for a moment (Forget the first team though) Peter Beardsley, he's doing a superb job bringing the young lads through Newcastle youth academy, If only Souness didn't keep breaking them>
What about a shout for Paul Jewell. Won promotion with Wigan last year. The highest placed English Managers in the premiership. The only English Manager left in the League Cup. Still in the FA cup. Er that means he has a better record than any of the other english managers being touted.

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