The Next Doctor Who???


The eleventh Doctor Who will be announced tonight on a special episode of Doctor Who Confidential, on BBC1 at 17:35

'The identity of David Tennant's replacement as Doctor Who will be revealed. Plus, a look back at the ten previous incarnations of the Time Lord, their companions, most heroic moments and adventures, the monsters they have battled, as well as the particular traits which have defined each one of them '

Personally for fav to date has to be the present David Tennent, just wondering what anyone else opinions are of either who was the best Dr or who will be the next??

Some contenders below:


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Tennant is good. I think Paterson Joseph would make a good Dr, he's done well in Survivors and seems to be the type who'd fit in well with the role.
BIPOLAR77 said:
Jade Goody

Surely she would be more suited to be a stunt double for the Slitheen? 8O

For all those who don't know who or what a slitheen is, I give you.....



I think Tennant is the best doctor so far. I think Damian Lewis would make a good Doctor, but I'm afraid they'll choose some girl to play. That's all nice and Politically Correct and all...
Eddie Izzard or Ric Mayall.
Whoever it is will have big shoes to fill
Edited to ad my youngest daughter is hoping they will chose a female by the time she finishes her drama degree :roll:


Kaye said:
....... but I'm afraid they'll choose some girl to play. That's all nice and Politically Correct and all...

On TV this morning Tennant referred to the next Doctor as "he", but it might have been deliberately misleading ........... :?
The Sun is saying its not going to be female, I for one hope its not, I'd love to see James Macavoy doing it ( purely from a eye candy point of view because a girl can be shallow sometimes). I would have loved to have seen David Morrissey and think they could work the christmas story line into him becoming the new doctor.
I thought David tennant was great as The Doctor. I shall miss him. Although i'm looking forward to seeing the next one, hopefully it won't be a female.
Hairy_Fairy said:
It's Matt Smith apparently.

A school friend of his has let it slip on another forum I peruse.

I hope not :cry:
He's starring in a new series called Demons i think.
LordVonHarley said:
James Nesbitt would play a very dark Doctor.

Not as dark as Paterson Joseph...................

Is that my coat....ah yes taxi for one if you please


They should find someway in my opinion to bring back eccelston

although jimmy nesbit would make a fantasticly dark doctor.
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