The Next Civil War?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LordVonHarley, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. After reading the thread on Islamic Civil War in Europe by 2030AD I got to thinking about what would happen in the UK.
    What would trigger another Civil War here?
    What factions would there be? Would it be Crown vs Parliament (simplistic view) or would there be multiple factions based on geographic location?
    Would the US just annex the GB under the guise of peace keeping?

    I have to much spare time on my hands.......
  2. I like the idea of a revolution based on education :D

    Soldier: How do you spell "Mate"?
    Chav: Er, "M.......8"
    Soldier: Be a good boy and stand against that wall for a moment.

    Would it be known as the "txt wars" by the runners up?
  3. un-elected leader, un-fair taxes, rise in fundamentalist religions, break down in law and order, rise in food prices.

    And the missing link a Leader that can (or promise) to lead those affected out of the mess
  4. Just the same as last time then?
  5. I presume we (sorry I am making the assumption that I could be part of the educated side as I can't use text speak) will have the right to burn all Divan beds as a precaution. Would it be classed as entrapment if we placed ads for free Burberry accessories to be collected from the fast lane of the nearest motorway (offer excludes M25) :?
  6. Not at all, I believe under the LOAC this would count as a ruse d'guerre, not deception, and therefore allowable :wink:
  7. Burberry is a hard one as there are lots of posh totty that wear burberry but are privately educated and speak as if they have my plums in their mouth.
    I think the Education revolution would need to be refined as "Reclaiming Sovereign land from the Chav occupier's by means of cold Sheffield steel and hot lead"
  8. There are no "fast lanes" on any motorway, as soon as everyone learns that they are "overtaking" lanes the less accidents will happen.
  9. Just place an ad for a new reality tv show with the title are you the new eminem/posh spice or any other waste of organs "famous for being famous" cnut. Then we shall have a list of people for summary exec.... i mean reeducation
  10. Re the "Burberry" Issue. What I think is the problem is, is the use of its pattern on chavlike objects such as hats worn in baseball games, infant/teenage/pet clothing. The pattern appearing on the outside and not as the lining is a good clue and any celebtity wearing it. So in fact the divide could be Celebchavmong and the rest of us.
  11. Above is how it is going to happen...*sigh* very true exactly what is going on at the moment, in my (some could say ignorant view) the fundamentalists and wasters are going to be the downfall of this country, and it is already starting as you can most probably tell, you dont act civilised you dont get civilized rights simple and problem solved, as with all the long lasting empires/countries/civilzatioons you cull all the people factions and groups that prevent and slow down development.

  12. Ok I withdraw the Burberry idea, and fast lanes to keep 'All_I_want' happy.

    Perhaps a simple questionnaire could be filled in at all benefit offices. Few would fall at the first hurdle, the tricky matter of writing their name. The rest is easy. Any replies containing only words of one syllable or text speak leads them through the room containing the grand prize which I haven't quite worked out but I'm sure could include time with MDN. :D
  13. Cameronveliers versus Brownheads?
  14. Aren't they really on the same side? Politicians versus people-who-earn-their-keep?
  15. Politicians versus the people who earn the politician's keep??