The New World War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. Did anyone else see this on ITV with Dimbleby last night?

    Perle interviewed , and patently not on the same planet.

    Which Dimbleby then confirmed with "Meanwhile , back in the real world , where you and I live" :D

    Excellent interview with a 16 year old Palestinian female exile "If they had work , and money and hope, they wouldn't be killing themselves"

    A view supported by the head of the National lebanese bank.

    Is it just me , or does Perle really come across like a Dr. Strangelove character?
  2. He completely lost the plot, possibly through editing, more likely for real though.

    I agreed with Dimbleby's observations, but like most journos he's got no idea about how to implement his 'solution'. If he's waiting for the 'political and economic will to eradicate poverty' then I hope he's not holding his breath. :roll:
  3. The Palestinians have substituted jihad for economic activity. They used to work in Israel, but since the jihadists would pose as part of the arab work force Israel has had to exclude much of the arab work force for security reasons. The viability of "Palestine" as a state is very much in question. There are no natural resources. Tourism could be a huge business but not while jihadists attack Israel and probably foreigners that venture into PA controlled areas.
  4. They could get jobs if they stopped throwing sticks and stones at the bloody IDF.

    There is no will in the arab world for this 'sore' to heal as they can use it as a stick with which to beat the infidel jews (and christians, musilims etal) who live in Isreal. Think about it. There are almost half a billion arabs in the local area (middle east) who are always bitching about the plight of the poor underpriviliged palastineans (SP??) but are completely unwilling to donate any help in terms of money or aid. They wont even accept any of them as refuguees, instead prefering them to overcrowd and stagnate in the refugee camps in the westbank and gaza.

    Not only this but there is evidence that a number of middle eastern countryies have actively sought to disrupt the peace process because they know that if the palestinian cause was lost, then their own poopulation would begin to focu on their own corrupt and sadistic regimes, perhaps leading to overthrow of these bent regimes.

    Lets just hope that a wave of democracy can spread across the middle east from the lightning strike that is Iraq.

  5. Funnily enough - that's what Perle said too! :?
  6. You're making the assumption that the average Arab gives a toss about Palestinians?

    What was that about bloodstained walls and Kuwaiti jails?
  7. Your average local Arab looks on the "Palestinians" in much the same way as your average UK citizen views Pikeys/Tinkers/Gyppos/Travellers whatever you want to call them.