The new USP HK45 Review (Video)

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Here is HK's video on the new and improved version of the USP .45 Cal. Pistol.

    I own and have carried the first model of this pistol since they came out. I used it as a duty pistol (LE) for regular uniform carry and SWAT work. I also carried it as a concealed weapon in civilian clothes; however, I found it a bit large, for concealed carry. I still like the pistol for it's other points though. I also have the HK light that snaps on the pistol.

  2. which trigger/safety combo on the hk did you get and or would recomend?
  3. Its now the issue Pistol of the Irish Defence Forces
  4. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I got the one with all the options, I liked the idea, of being able to go from cocked to cocked and locked (SA) and then back to (DA) after the situation was handled. (The SA trigger action was smooth compared to the DA.)

    Normally, I carried the pistol with full magazine and one in the tube, on Double Action, safety off. (Two extra Magazines on the belt)

    Many LE agencies, like the DA only versions, as there is less room for mistakes and poor firearms handling, etc. (Soldier Proof or in this case, COP proof. :roll: )
  5. Why do you feel the need to carry a pistol, concealed, when you're walking the streets?

    This is an honest question, i've never had a chance to ask an American this question.
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Knowing the general 'Brit' attitude on firearms in general and in particular concealed carry by American citizens, I hesitate to answer your question or get involved in another silly exchange, over our cultral differences on this subject.

    1.) As a LE Officer, my department required all officers to carry their weapon both on and off duty.

    2.) As a retired LE officer I can carry a concealed weapon (pistol/revolver) in any State within the USA. (I choose to carry one, most of the time, except when flying on commercial airlines.) To much of a hassle and danger of having it stolen from luggage.) Also for self Defense. Keep in mind, that a 34 career in LE, one makes many thug enemies, who would like a little 'pay-back.'

    3.) If I wasn't a retired LE Officer, I would apply for a Concealed Carry permit in my State (Washington) and carry a pistol.

    Why would I want to carry a concealed pistol?

    a. Have you read much on crime statistics in the USA? Gangs, Drive-by's, armed robberies, rapes, random shootings in schools, Malls and Fast food places? Most could have been stopped cold, if somebody had been carring a concealed weapon and used it properly.

    b. Are you naive, enough to think that the police are always, going to to be 'Johny' on the spot to defend you or stop an deadly assualt with club, knife or gun? In most cases, you'll be dead and they will be happy to write the report on the incident. Case closed.

    c.) I carry a concealed pistol, for my personal and familys self defense. I have carried a weapon, both in uniformed and plain clothes assignments over most of my life and feel naked and uncomfortable without one.

    e.) Of course the other reason that I carry, is because the laws in this Country allow me to do so, and I am not naive enough to think that the police are always going to be around to save my arrse. :wink:

    Does that answer your question? :?:
  7. I may be a bit thick here but whats an LE officer and what was your role?

    Also to be honest if l lived in the states with the crime rates you have l would carry a weapon as well..... However l think the police would'nt be to happy if l was cutting around doing my shopping with a Gimpy :twisted:
  8. Law enforcement!!!
  9. Oh thanks awfully old boy!
    Basicaly in plain English hes a Bobby then
  10. Tripwire must live in one of those really dangerous places in Yankastan where armed, murderous thugs hang out and kill anyone who disses their Nikes; I think they call them 'Schools' :p

  11. Nice, but I wish you Yanks would learn pronunciation:

    Its Koch not coke,
    its Volvo not Vulvo and
    its Nike not Nikee. :wink:
  12. Trip_Wire, old man,
    How exciting for you!
    Have you shot a "perp?" yet? I believe that's the expresssion used in your country for what we would call, "chummy".
    Do tell!
  13. Henry,

    Trip_Wire hasn't asked us how many people we have killed / shot in the line of duty, so why should you ask him?

    I feel you are just fishing for an argument! :evil:
  14. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Actually, CC_TA, I live in the Seattle, WA area (West Coast.) This city and the surrounding area's are by far much safer then many other cities in the USA. Still, it only takes one crazy idiot or thug to pull out a gun, knife, etc. to end yours or one of your families life. I think right now, it is #1 city in the USA for visits by tourists.

    I have noticed that in the UK, 'gun' crimes and the use of 'guns' in crimes in the UK are on the rise and more of your 'Bobbies' are being armed, etc. In your case, I only see it getting worse and IMHO the time will come very soon now, where all your police will be armed.

    Why is it that in many Countries, where very strict firearms laws are in effect the criminals and even crazies seem to come up with 'firearms?' In your case, I hear Eastern Europe, blamed a lot.

    I've also noticed where Countries, like Australia have taken on strict firearms rules and regulations, etc., that crimes involving firearms increase, leaving the average citizen helpless and unarmed.

    The city of New York, Washington, DC Detroit and Los Angeles have some of the most restrictive firearms laws on the books. They seem to do little to prevent criminals from using firearms and make it easier for them, knowing that the average citizen will not be armed.

    The criminal doesn't give a crap about the firearms laws, he or she, will obtains a firearm and will use it, while the average citizen will obey the laws and because he/she does obey the law be at the mercy of the armed criminal. A law prevent firearms, from being available to the criminals?

    Surely, one must be naive, to think that a law banning firearms would do that. (Look at the UK.) Look at narcotics (illegal drugs, etc.) There are a ton of laws in the USA and other places banning illegal drugs, etc., yet one can purchase them almost anywhere. (Even in the prison system.) In some cases, the same people involved in smuggling drugs, also do firearms to include full auto assault rifles, etc.

    All that said, As I said at the start, I don't really want to get into this discussion, because IMHO it is a waste of bandwidth, because of the differences in our history, culture and laws. :wink:
  15. I am not a supporter of a more relaxed firearms policy in this country, but the Swiss seemed to have armed their citizens to the teeth, and have low gun crime, figure that out? LOL