the new type jcbs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sharkie, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. i am currently writing a peice about the new jcb replacement for the 410m (the 524/50) or load all.

    what i need is any input from units/ guys who are and can operate them as to what they think off them and any improvements they would like to see to make there jobs in operating them easier.

    so far i have
    using elastics to strap the fork down to stop them moving around in rough terrain.
    a comfier seat.

    i have been asked to do this from the alc whom collect and run the c veh fleet.
  2. Make the door removable. The windows need to open more or add aircon as that fan just circulates warm air.

    Add a stereo!!!

    Any more GEMS suggestions you would like to steal?
  3. cheers mate i will add those to the list as i also now have changing the types of tyres as the current ones arent up to the job and they are falling apart to easily.
  4. strima, you JCB hoooore.
  5. Pay the right price and I'll be any sort of whore!!!! :p
  6. Reposition some of the switches that are near the joystick. You can accidently press them when operating the lift arms etc.
    Agree with the warm air fan!
  7. do you mean the horn switch? which wins the worse place to put a switch ever award!?

  8. IIRC the door (when shut) forms part of the structural frame which becomes more important when you find yourself upside down in a ditch (a bit like a roll cage). So I imagine the frame would need to be strengthened to do this.

    Probably a good idea anyway as

    a. no-one ever shuts the door anyway and

    b. if you do find yourself upside down in a ditch it's preferable not to have a door blocking your escape!
  9. Replace the big knob behind the steering wheel.
  10. i was taklking through some of these issues with the military jcb liason and he said they are putting out some mods on the jcb's namely reinforcing the annoying dome mirror on the rear with one that wont droop like an old mans length! and to turn the door in to a reverse hinged door (suicide style) and allow the top half to open like a barn door (similar to the jcb's bigger bro)
  11. What was wrong with the Eager Beaver FFS!!!
  12. like you, it got old :p
  13. Why thankyou SWO! :lol:
  14. I operate both the new ones. the one thing they really need away from the cab, is a tow pintle.
  15. Secure the loading ramps on the sideshift version onto the CES pallet, increases visibility and prevents " I just need to borrow those". Flatracks need strenghening, have had a couple where the boards have snapped when I have reversed onto the rack.