The New Tony Martin?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by js374, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Daily Mail...

  2. Yes, and the person who should be prosecuted is the CPS cnut who decided to prosecute someone defending his home against two burglars.
  3. It isn't clear if the scrotes brought the knife - if they did then it beggars belief he was even charged - I also cannot believe that the 17 year old stayed in the house after the first scuffle, he was clearly up for it - he does look a bit simple on the photo. If he grabbed the knife from his Mum's kitchen then perhaps it isn't so clear from my understanding but he unequivocally gets my support, I wouldn't take any chances if I found somebody like that in my house.

    He must however be a bit of a knacker if he can't catch a 14 year old that had been injured.
  4. He'll get pinged for Manslaughter.. Get 4 years - do two.

    Time well spent offing that thieving chavvy little throbber IMHO

  5. Step off the outrage bus…

    HE was NOT defending his home, he entered his Mothers house, found a burglary in progess, and chased one of the perps off the premises, down the street and stabbed him, he then went back to the house, confronted the other one and stabbed him.

    When you start chasing up and down a street with a knife stabbing people you can't claim self defence.
  6. Yes you can, you can claim what you like, it's up to others to decide whether your claims are a reasonable justification for your actions.
  7. Is he the new Tony Martin?

    No. He didn't shoot somebody in the back as they were running away from him in fear for their life.

    Should this case be heard?

    Yes. Because then maybe the people in here who know exactly what happened at that incident and are quick to judge might actually find out what happened in that incident and stop themselves from being charged with something similar.

    Is it a loss that the ugly little scrote is dead?

    Being totally brutally honest, I doubt it, but I am basing that on the fact he looks a nasty little ccok in the photo attached to the story. But that is probably not fair of me.
  8. And FFS, stop this St Tony Martin boll0x!

    The bloke was a fvcking nutcase who had also previously fired at a car parked near his farm and at someone stealing apples his orchard, that last incident resulted in his Firearms Licence being revoked.

    He also shot the two scrotes in the back as they ran off with an unlicensed shotgun, but what really did for him was he didn't call the Police and let Barass bleed to death.
  9. You say that like it's a bad thing! 8O :twisted:

    One less Jeremy Kyle in the world. Good drills, that man. 8)

    He will, of course, do time: the only crimes our "justice system" puts any effort into punishing is Taking the Law Into Your Own Hands and "thought" crimes. Like calling a police horse "gay"... :roll:
  10. No. What did for him was the Plod having a testicular failure when it came to dealing with Pikies. :roll:

  11. It's a simple given…

    You stab them INSIDE the house in the same attack, you felt yourself in danger and reacted… Case chucked out

    You chase one up and down the street with a shive, then return to the house to finish off No 2, you can't claim you felt yourself in danger and were acting in self defence… Go to jail.

    Now, if after the chase down the street he'd called the Police, he would have been in the clear, but returning to sort out the other twat will get you nailed for 'revenge'.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    What's really criminal is when the front wheels on shopping trolleys go wonky: they need fixing and fast! Any chance you and FrankCastle might sort it out?

  13. If Martin had shot them as they entered the house with a legally owned shotgun he would have been in the clear…
  14. Legally, I have no doubt you are absolutely correct. And unless the judge or jury have an attack of common sense, this bloke's going down. :roll:

    Morally, I'm only sorry he did'nt slit the other JK's throat as well. :twisted: