The New TACC

Discussion in 'Officers' started by TaffYorkie, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. I've recently learnt that the layout of the TACC has changed and is now three continuous weeks of assessment, rather than the week long TAPC followed by the two week TACC. Does anyone know what the layout the new TACC is, and what I should expect?
  2. Below taken from the CTP - pm me with your email if not enough detail. I will reply to ArmyNet mail accounts and/or TANET unit mail addresses.

    3 Weeks of assessment, preferably continuous but still with a bail-out point at close of play, Day 7. We term week1 as Module 4 and weeks 2/3 as Module 4a.

    Week 1:

    Day 1 mostly reception and admin. Day 2 opens with a BPFA - pass at Green or RTU! Followed by WHT - pass at skilled or RTU! Remainder of week 1 is FTX based.

    Weeks 2 & 3 fairly similar to existing TACC.

    No CFT as such but you will be covering CFT distance (plus) with CFT weights (plus, plus) in CFT time (minus).

    The BIG CHANGE is the requirement to have completed the full TAOC course (i,e, Modules 1, 2 & 3 or MTQ1, 2 & Module 3[Replaces MTQ3]) before attending RMAS and there is a 6 month "shelf-life" from end Mod 3 during which you must make it to RMAS or re-sit.

    All this supplemented by Module 5 which is 3 weekends of continuation training (4 for Gp B to Gp A converts) which must be completed within 2 years of Commissioning.

    At end of 2 years, assuming all well and both your attendance and performance are up-to-scratch, your Commission will be ratified by Commandant RMAS.
  3. I see we're raising the standards. It's not an attendance course any more then...
  4. I thought that WHT was just pass/fail as it's a safety thing and the APWT was ranked?
  5. Nope- WHT is graded Skilled/Average (passes) and fail. Reg & TA Inf, SAS, RLC Pnrs and SASC need to pass at skilled on personal wpn and average on alternative yearly; all others skilled at personal wpn.
  6. TY, allow me to bite on a superb troll and say it never was just an attendance course.

    And then agree wholeheartedly with your opening comment, the standards are miles higher. Combine that with a far more extensive range of filters to weed out the low-achievers and you can expect 2005's one-pipers to be well ahead of their predecessors at the same stage.

    We have also raised the standard of instructors with everyone involved in delivering TA Offr training expected to attend Instructor Training courses at RMAS themselves and all Training Centres are now subject to RMAS in-depth audits.

    I know a certain Bde whose Offr Training Wing is playing host to the RMAS team this weekend. :wink:
  7. abacus – I’d like some more details of the scheme please. I’ll pm you.
  8. As I understand it the WHT will change to Pass/Fail new PAM out very soon.
  9. Thanks: I'll keep an eye out...
  10. Abacus, I'll keeping an eye out for them then. Another rumour I heard was that the Combat Estimate is taking a back seat, as it is rarely used anymore at platoon level, being overtaken by the likes of the QBO card. Is this true, or can anyone elaborate further.
  11. From this w/e's Platoon level TEWT - if you are a PO don't read this :D

    4. Question 1. You have 45 mins to consider and prepare your Combat Estimate and Plan. You are to report to your DS (don’t be late) and you will have 15 minutes to give your answer. You should use local time throughout.


    5. Question 2. When you have given your answer to Question 1, prepare your platoon Quick Battle Orders (up to and including the Execution paragraph) and present them to your DS.


    And yes we do realise that these time-scales would be unrealistically long in anything other than a TEWT.
  12. I remember learning that way Abacus. Then in Mod 3 the QBO's became pretty much unwritten. A quick verbal warning order if possible but most of the time it was PC making quick assessment and decision then the SC's executing them.

    Which way's RMAS going to be expecting?
  13. Scenario probably deliberate pl attack within a company setting.

    Need to conduct 7Qs followed by proper orders with model.

    Present 7Qs estimate to an officer and orders to a CSgt.

    Pass or Fail. :twisted:
  14. Anyone on the May course??
  15. For PRACTAC at RMAS you will have to do the lot - 7Q type Estimate, Model & Orders. During the FTX phases it will largely be down to the preference of the DS - but that will be a factor of the student in question: if s/he is thought to be weak in a certain area, s/he will be pushed harder. And if on top of their game will be pushed on something else. So just because one student is allowed to work from the QBO card does not mean that everyone else will be.

    My advice is learn how to do it "longhand" and it is easy to produce a quick version when you have to.

    Best bit of advice I ever received was when I asked my own DS (way back in the distant past) how long he would take to do an estimate and he replied, "How long have I got?" Followed up with if it's only 2 mins then that's what you need to do it in, or if you're in the Falklands taskforce you've got weeks of travel time so you might as well keep on re-assessing the plan, i.e. combat estimating, till you get there. (Falklands was history then as well - I'm not that old before anyone starts!)