The New Stable Belt

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by GingeG, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. Go on then someone has to start it.

    What do you think of it?

    And before you say it yes it can be used as a bottle opener.
  2. Are we getting them free gratis? :?:
    and is skippy at wallop going to throw a track when we wear em?

    if he is, i'll have two please :twisted:
  3. Yes they are free, the Reggie Office will stump up the cash and should be on the ground March 05 time. All the Scary Monsters are in favour for lots of reasons, not least the senior toffs don't like them!!
  4. Oi Ginge did you know that they can be used as a bottle opener.............
  5. Happy 2005 Q man. Oh by the way......Did I not ever tell you about me and some girl in some blokes VandenPlas in Hilder bananana. Now she could open bottles. Thats what happens when people get drunk in Reggy bars and has car key on them.
  6. I bet whoever owned that Vanden Plas was I right cool looking dude, due to the fact that it was the only one in the country at the time.
  7. qman, the only time you could look cool was if someone locked you in an industrial sized freezer. :lol:
  8. So, you are assuming that I owned that gorgeous looking piece of automotive greatness then
  9. Anyway I thought we were suppposed to be talking about the new stable belt, I think they should of changed the colours, they really are outdated.........very 1950's
  10. Q Man the vanden Plas of yours was very springy indeed and the colours must never change.
  11. Just to re-open this thread up again....

    What does the new AAC belt look like then.... anyone got any pics..?
  12. Yes, and you're not gonna believe this but here it is......

    Attached Files:

  13. No you must of made a mistake... I said does anyone have a pic of the new Army Air Corps stable belt... surely that isn't it......?

    If it is... who in the right mind would change the old belt and decide on using that one.....!
  14. if you do get back in specific_id, you better get used to hearing the following noise.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  15. LOL

    That belt is bloody disgusting though aint it...! They couldnt of changed it to that... the old one was nice I thought.