The New Social Order

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. As a matter of course I check the sits vac columns (and have a large part of my 'Favourites' file devoted to agencies who might be friendly to my pension plan), and today I received a questionnaire in response to an application I sent off speculatively months ago which I thought might be interesting. I didn't fill it in, as it seemed to be more interested in my social attitudes and enthusiasm for 'diversity' than my experience and qualifications. Instead, I fired off a ballstoyougram; they don't need me or my possible contribution to their expertise in force protection.
    This attitude is a creeping and highly dangerous cancer, in my opinion. Unless you have a greater respect for every culture and practice outside of your own in the UK, you are judged to be a 'racist' or -phobist or something, and you're not allowed to hold a contrary opinion. It'll all end in tears.
    Thank God (Allah?) I live in Saudi. (I never thought I'd say that.)They don't bugger about like that. I'm starting to like the swine.
  2. Could well be that the potential employer wishes to know your views just in case you, following employment, bop a drollock and they come into the limelight being asked "How could you employ a man like that?"

    Look on the bright side - who tells the truth in employment interviews?
  3. Bugger me - you live in Saudi and are beginning to appreciate their approach to the Hawajah or the Bangladeshis. Life here is imeasuably better than there - thank God that i was not born a saudi; they may have a no nonsense approach to PC but they are well and truly fcuked up in other ways (as well you know). Wayn tsaakin fi Saudi?
  4. One of the(few) pleasures of having your own business is being able to avoid all this PC bollox.
    Multicultidiversiquality will be the death of us all :evil:
    What I mean is; If you are the best qualified for the job, then you should get it. Anything else is DISCRIMINATION (now there's a nasty word) :roll: