The new Sharpshooter Rifle

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by naguere, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. That article is dated January 18, 2010 - are you a slow reader?
  2. It's an S.L.R. on steroids!
  3. Pretty much any 7.62x51mm semi-auto is a poor man's SLR according to some parts of ARRSE...
  4. I don't know about 'Poor Man's',it looks pretty 'ally' and I bet it's far from cheap!
  5. Top bit of kit, smooother to fire than SLR and the silly looking sight is pretty amazing!
  6. No doubt this thread will be filled by the usual rose tinted reviews of how the SLR was the best thing since sliced bread. Now I had an SLR in basic training and they were ok accuracy was ok but noting special this new rifle should be able to get all rounds on to a 50p at 100m which is better than an SLR by a long way. An SLR would be doing well if it got all rounds on a £50 note at 100m!! This should be a welcome and fantastic addition of fire power to the guys out in Afghanistan.

  7. You will get no argument from me re S.L.R. I always thought it was only capable at best,It was the good shots and training that made it excel at times.This new rifle looks very promising,and I'm sure when it is combined with the same abilities and training it will impress.My only concern is that it may serve to indicate the 'Marksman' in the squad and draw extra unneeded attention.I can only hope that the training/utilisation of the Marksman concerned will seek to counter this as it would seem to in 'Sniper' training etc.
  8. Well I have never used the SA80 so I'm not qualified to give a comparison It was well after my time but I did use the SLR for six and a hallf years. It was a good weapon and it was very accurate. Particularly after we were issued with suit sights. I could hit anything I aimed at up to 600m. I liked it and always felt confident with it. All you johnny come lately's who want to knock it, fill your boots by all means but the weapon gave sterling service all over the world over a long period of time and never faltered.

    Times move on though, technology and design get better and doctrines change etc. The SA80 is now the tool for the job. Fair enough, but you can't deny that there is under certain operational conditions, a need for 7.62 to kill at greater distances, plus the new weapon can still also be used at close quarters. People rightly or wrongly are going to make comparisons. I am looking forward to seeing some more comprehensive information coming back from theatre about the new weapon and the effects of the larger calibre.

    It's interesting to note that I have read elswhere that trials are taking place to improve the hitting power of ammunition both in 5.56 and 7.62. That could well see 5.56 becoming more effective at longer ranges as well. All that said, weapon wise and ammunition wise, these are exciting times for the infantry.
  9. Well said that man.

    5.56mm ammunition trials have been going on for a while now and a new "HP" (high power) round may be in the mix soonish - wait out but rest assured, once it is (if) proven and safety cleared etc it will be issued.

    For clarity (and as mentioned in another thread) according to the linked article it's "High Performance", not "High Power"...
  11. BugsyIII

    BugsyIII On ROPs

    Don't forget the SLR was sooooo powerful if you were shot with it, all that would be left was a red mist floating down onto a pair of smoking boots and all your relatives would die via sympathetic shock waves even if on other continents. Rumour was the Soviets tried to mount an SLR to a T-72 but it couldn't take the recoil.
  12. Is that what happened to your family in NI then?